GET UP AND GET IT DONE – Motivational Speech

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Get up and get it done.

Those days that you don't want to do Anything Are you too tired too sore You just don't feel like it Those days Those are the days that count When you have those feelings it's even More important to step up and get some If you've got something to do don't put It off till tomorrow don't do that Don't voluntarily do anything tomorrow That you should be getting done today Get it done today don't wait attack it Destroy it and move on every single day When you wake up you got two options you Can look at the clock and hit the snooze You can look at that snooze button boom You can hit the snooze button and go Back to bed and dream about what you Want to have or you can look at that Snooze button kick that clock and get up And go pursue your dreams And the problem with some of y'all is You want somebody else to support your Dream it's yours I don't know you would die it's your Dream if you wanted to have it get your Butt up and make it happen if you want It to happen rise and grind If you want it to happen you won't have To do what I do and that's get up at Three o'clock in the morning and you Won't have to act like you got all the Energy in the world why cause it's my

Time this is my moment tomorrow tomorrow Tomorrow ain't no such thing as tomorrow We only got today Greatness will cost you something it's Going to cost you some time it's going To cost you some energy it's going to Cost you some sacrifice it's going to Cost you some resources it's going to Cost you some hours of your life laying Down paying the price going the extra Mile doing what other people are not Willing to do greatness is not cheap Greatness always costs more that's why There's not many people who achieve Greatness they're not willing to pay the Price that's the kind of attitude you Need that's the attitude of a winner is I will do whatever it takes Every decision you make the decisions You make on money the decisions you make On Tuesday the decisions you make on Wednesday if you decide to hit the Snooze button what you're doing is You're 10 minutes away from your goal Now you just went backwards so whatever Your goals are whatever your dreams are Whatever your destiny is your decisions Have to be in alignment with them now if You want to be broke for the rest of Your life keep doing what you doing but If you want something different in life You gotta do something different you Gotta go all in and Mitchell toughness Says not only do I climb that doggone

Mountain I enjoy climbing the mountain I Get a kick out the mouth I get a kick Out the weights I need a kick out of Going up against the number one team I Get a kick out of fatigue I get a kick Out of the crime I get a kick out of it And the reason why some of you are not Where you supposed to be you've given Yourself an option you're giving Yourself an ounce you've given yourself An excuse but you have what it takes to Do it and the problem with some of you In this room you don't have no tribe you Ain't got nothing pushing you you have No reason you better find one if you get Out of here today you don't belong at The Atom it is time for you to get your butt From down there it's time for your stuff Your butt up To where you supposed to be Used to get where you belong do what You're supposed to do live like you Supposed to live How many more nights of sleep you gonna Lose Running around complaining about your Life Stop being a lazy bum ass person that's Full of excuses sitting around on the Pity party coming up with every excuse In the world as to why you ain't winning You are the reason you are not winning You are the reason you look the way you

Look you are the reason you're Unemployed you're the reason why your Surroundings are so dysfunctional and Negative it's a choice You have thought your way into a Depression you have thought your way Into negativity and misery It's all in the mind Change your mind and it will change your Life it's time you get off the pity Party stop complaining about being out Of shape when you never go to the gym Stop looking at your stomach when you Get out of the shower and your body and Complaining about the way you look when You're eating everything in sight and Never going to the gym you just have to Wake up you just have to break that Negative Spirit you have to break Through all of that [ __ ] that you're Carrying you want to improve you want to Get on a workout program or a clean diet Or start a new business you want to Write a book or make a movie or build a House or a computer or an app where do You start you start right here when do You start you start right now you gotta Have the mentality to show up every [ __ ] day of your life no matter what Life throws at you it's our Responsibility to show into the Coliseum Of Life prepare for [ __ ] battle if You can get through to doing things that You hate to do

On the other side is greatness It's never physical bad guess what they Do Squeeze out the question all they think About is how to get through this there's No quitting it's just get through and Thrive not survive you gotta get Comfortable being uncomfortable every Day you have to do this [ __ ] because why When you stop doing it you don't just Maintain it if you stop shooting a gun That could be a great shot if you pick a Gun up a year from now the only way to Keep from getting rusty is to constantly All of that [ __ ] the machine the Machine is this you got to keep Challenging every day no one wants to Glide they just want the end result you Can't get the end result without the Glide to gotta crave that end result so Intensely that the work becomes Irrelevant but if you really want to set Some goals and you're willing to do what It takes and sacrifice to put yourself Around that and not worry about what Everybody else is going to say not worry About hurting feelings you're guaranteed Success in whatever you do Most of the time We don't have someone there to keep us In line to make us do push-ups And give us a good swift kick in the ass When we slack off what we have to do is We have to be our own Sergeant to hold

The highest standards and allow no slack Your problem is you start something you Stop it you start something you stop it You feel good you do it you don't feel Good you quit People who do stuff consistently and on Time they surpass people who talented And gift it Stop waiting for something to move you And move yourself You're your biggest problem everything Is external that moves you and now I Want you to start moving yourself Internally I want you to be able to push Your buttons and not let anything else Push your buttons you gotta move you Every single day if you get to a point In your day and you down and out if you Get to a point of your day and you Exhausted you'll get to a point of your Day you're not feeling it you can stop Right there and change the mood somebody Control your move you control your move You control your feelings I don't care how small it is I don't care how minuscule the movement Is but make movement move move forward And do that every single day no matter What including today you aren't getting It any closer to your five year plan or Your three year plan or your seven year Plan or any plan that you've got unless You get up and start getting after it Today I woke up one day and stop making

Excuses I woke up one day and stopped Playing the blame game I woke up one day And looked at the man in the mirror and Was like yo bro what are you doing wake Up it's showtime let's go Get up go to class get up do your Homework work on your gift it was given To you but you gotta hone it when you Want to become a diamond your whole Attitude will change your whole mindset Your thinking your relationships the Decisions that you make how you spend Your time your energy all of it changes See this is something that you can't be In this business this business has to be In you you take advantage of this Opportunity you let everything else go You eat different you start different You practice different it's one thing to Talk about your destiny is one thing to Dream about your destiny but it's Another thing to wake up when you know You're supposed to wake up to say no to That party saying no to quit when you Still gotta hunting more shots to make Say no when your boss said it stop but You put in 50 more push-ups you can't Just talk about it you gotta be a bottom Yep it's tough It's hard I'm not telling You it's gonna be easy to grind but I Can tell you this it will be worth the Sacrifice if you can grind your way Through it [Music]

If the lion is the king of the jungle How can he be the king of the jungle if He's not the biggest the elephant is Probably one of the biggest He can't be the fastest because that's a Cheetah He can't be the smartest so he's not the Biggest the fastest or the smartest so How does a lion Become the king of the jungle His mentality [Music] That's the only difference of a lion and An elephant When a lion walks up and sees an Elephant he thinks lunch A elephant things run Because when a male lion walks up he may Be outnumbered by a pack of hyenas But I'm King Of my jungle because of my mentality Everybody wants to be a beast Everybody Talks positive about Themselves everybody talks like you're Bees you dress like you're a bees but Then when it's time to do what bees do You back up you have an excuse what's Going to separate you is when it's Beast Time when it's wartime you got to get up And make it happen why was Michael and Kobe who they were Tom Brady Dwyane Wade Wayne Gretzky Muhammad Ali Floyd Mayweather all these guys not because of Their physical gifts yes it had a lot to

Do with it it's up in here it's their Mental toughness decide commit act Succeed repeat Idea isn't going to execute itself that Book isn't going to write itself those Weights out in the gym they aren't going To move themselves you have to do it and You have to Have to so stop thinking about it stop Dreaming about it stop researching every Aspect of it and debating the pros and Cons of it start doing it take that First step and make it happen here and Now and Titan's commitment it takes Discipline these are all things that you Need to have because let me tell you This when you do magic is gonna start to Happen baby you've sought to move Forward and Achieve that thing you start Respecting yourself more you'll start Carrying yourself differently and think That you can take on the [ __ ] world But it all starts with honesty ask Yourself what you've been lying to Yourself about and do everything in your Power to go out and change it it ain't Easy to do but I promise you it will be Worth it I want you to say the reason I'm not as Amazing yet because I hit the snooze Button that's why I'm not amazing right Now I'm not amazing because I couldn't Get up early enough because I told Myself I'm not an early person I'm not

Amazing because I'm lazy I'm not amazing Because I would prefer to make excuses To make adjustments that's why I'm not Amazing when you cut this off I want you To go look yourself in the men I want You to bow to be amazed I want you to Bow that no more excuses from this day Forward I'm not just gonna be getting Pumped up I'm not just gonna be fired up I'm about to start applying the Difference between people who talk about It and people who do it it's one simple Word application they hear it and they Don't just hear it they digest it and When they digest it boom they do Something with it What gets you out of bed What gets you off the couch What gets you in the gym [Music] It's not your alarm It's not your parents It's not your friends It's you The only one that can make it happen for You is you It's really hard to be led by your butt But I'm not qualified but I'm not good Enough but I'm not smart enough But I didn't go to the right school but I don't have enough money but but but But but if you're ever gonna step into Your future if you're ever gonna step Into your destiny you're gonna have to

Get over your butt and that's what a Pity party is is when you have an Undisciplined mind and you meditate on The wrong thing over and over and over Again if you're going to throw a pity Party I'll give you three days and That's it and after three days you cut Off your record player your iPod your Mp3 and you come up with a plan Do I just sit there and settle no I Don't I say enough's enough man and I'm Gonna make a change and I'm gonna keep Going until I get it you chase something That you believe you deserve until you Get it and it doesn't matter what Happens to you it doesn't matter how Many times you've been fired doesn't Matter how many people don't believe in You just go until you get it that's the Point are you tired yet some of you need To get tired you need to be tired of What's going on in your life get tired Of your abs get tired of the actions That you're putting in at everything you Gotta change man or nothing changes I Woke up one day and stop making excuses I woke up one day and looked at the man In the mirror and was like yo bro what Are you doing wake up it's showtime Let's go don't be a wimpy person who's Afraid of everything hard Take the easy way out walk through the Modern Life Gods if you ever want to get To the higher ground that Higher Ground

Is where you live in the mirror and you Can't be set and you run through the Work of sweat activate it at all and the End plot was something you need to grab Them a legacy of light and you put your Signature to that means something you're Not speaking Hollow words you're back in Those [ __ ] up with action That's what Lions do lions don't give up Lions don't quit Lions Hearts that's What we do for a living I still grind I love to grind if you're Competing in one of my businesses I'm Gonna kick your ass because I'm gonna Outgrind you you have to be willing to Work in places people don't see while The other guy's sleeping I'm working a Lot of other guys eating I'm working You're out there who wants what you have Who wants the position you are who wants The job you have who wants the wife that You have or the husband there's someone Out there hungry it was everything you Can have so make that a motivation for You that's why they gonna give you what You deserve this work will give you what You work for I put that work in every Single day and when you wake up every Single day and you put that work in and Yes for some of us it might be harder Than others man whatever we do what it Is we gotta do especially when we Desperate when it's not loyal to you it Doesn't care about you winning doesn't

Care how sore you are when he doesn't Care how much sleep you get when he Doesn't care hard to work at times Winning requires all of you and then More and it probably promised you Nothing it's a mastermind creating fear And doubt in your mind and cause a Setback after setback so the question is About winning are you willing to Sprint When the distance is unknown and why Chase this thing called winning because The only thing that's guaranteed in life If you don't chase it is losing now is The time to grind now is the time to Show the world that I was placed here For a purpose There's a kind of instinct that you need To be on the lookout for and this one is A liar this one is a saboteur This one is a back biter this is the Instinct that says you've had enough You've given it your best shot you can Stand down you can back off This is the Instinct that says it's okay To stop It's okay to settle it's okay to give up You can rest now that's the Instinct That's a defense mechanism it wants to Give you an out and that is the Instinct You need to fight you need to push back To smash into the ground don't negotiate With weakness you're in charge Get up go to class get up do your Homework you wake up earlier than people

You stay later than people you stay Humble you work harder than anyone when No one's there I guarantee someone that Feels bad about themselves soon will Label you as he's built differently he's Built different should be your label Because people feel bad about themselves You're letting exactly what you wanted Because every day you've had choices to Make you're responsible credible for Every single Choice you've made the Choices and what I need you to do for me Is why are you here and then take Ownership of why you here so you control You we don't have forever let's not act Like it we're all going to die and so I Don't act like I'ma live forever so Every opportunity I get I murder it Process driven I love this I'm about That life I get up every morning at Three o'clock when I want to get up when I don't when I feel like it and I don't Feel like why because I'm process driven I'm not feelings driven Champions are Not feeling driven Champions don't get Up when they want to and if we gonna be Champions process driven don't stop when You're tired stop when you're done You know what I hear I hear the clock Ticking Time waits for no man Life goes by And it goes by quick don't waste those Years don't waste them live them

Back off negative not happening in fact I'm stepping it up no complacency no Complacency no backing off No slack whatsoever bring it fight Fight that ticking clock with everything You got and the earlier you get in the Game foreign The better life you're gonna have Healthier wealthier stronger smarter Better Go through the motions I don't really Want to work out I work out Don't really want to get up and get out Of bed I get up and get out of bed don't Give in to the immediate gratification That is whispering in your ear the Desire to take the path of least Resistance the downhill path the easy Path shut that down do not listen to That little voice instead go through the Motions Lift the weights Sprint the hill get out Of bed get things done and by simply Going through the motions we stayed on The righteous path the disciplined path Which is right where you know that you Belong [Music] But you grind on Monday and you grind on Tuesday and you grind on Wednesday but You till on Thursday and you chill on Friday and they crying on Thursday and They grind on Friday soon lady Gonna Catch You Told every kid in America that

Tell me they're coming from me you gonna Work hard for me I'm gonna find out what the benchmarks Are I'm gonna reach the benchmarks and I'm gonna sell that thing You will not outwork me I'm going to Ride I'm To work I'm going to press toward I'm Going to do everything in my power every Single day you'll become a Victor and Not a victim this is the park where life Demands that you make a vow come hell For high water that you're willing to Pay the price where you earn your spot With effort with sweats with blood with Tears it's time to test your will your Endurance your heart to test your limits

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