Exploring the Spoken-Word Artistry of Pages Matam: Watch His Powerful Performance of ‘Piñata’ [Shorts Video]

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In this blog post, we delve into the remarkable talent of Spoken-Word artist Pages Matam, whose powerful performance of ‘Piñata’ has taken the internet by storm. Through his use of words and captivating storytelling, Matam unleashes a hard-hitting commentary on social issues that are prevalent in modern society. So sit back and prepare to be moved as we explore the mesmerizing artistry of Pages Matam. Don’t forget to check out the short video of his stirring performance of ‘Piñata’.


Poetry is a form of art that has been around for centuries and continues to captivate audiences worldwide. In recent years, spoken-word poetry has gained considerable popularity as an exciting and dynamic way of conveying powerful messages and emotions through words. One such artist who has made a name for himself in the spoken-word community is Pages Matam. In this article, we will be exploring Pages Matam’s spoken-word artistry and taking a closer look at one of his most popular performances, ‘Piñata.’

Who is Pages Matam?

Pages Matam is a Cameroonian-American writer and performer who has been capturing people’s attention with his raw and thought-provoking poetry since 2009. He is known for his intricate, rhythmic language and his ability to convey complex topics through poetry, such as identity politics, social justice, and personal growth. In his performances, Pages Matam uses his body language and voice to create an immersive experience for his viewers, bringing the words on the page to life.

The Performance: ‘Piñata’

‘Piñata’ is one of Pages Matam’s most popular performances, and it’s easy to see why. In this short video, Pages Matam takes the audience on a journey through his upbringing, exploring themes such as race, identity, and the power of language. The performance is an emotional and captivating ride that leaves a lasting impression on those who watch it.

The performance starts with Pages Matam standing on stage, a single light shining down on him as he begins to speak. His words flow effortlessly as he takes the audience through his childhood memories of breaking open piñatas with his sister. As he continues, Pages Matam delves into the deeper meaning behind the piñatas and how they act as a metaphor for the darker aspects of life.

Amidst the striking spoken-word, Pages Matam also captures the viewer’s attention with his use of body language, facial expressions, and tone. He punctuates his performance with strategic pauses, helping to emphasize the weight of each word and phrase. As Piñata reaches its climax, Pages Matam’s performance crescendos to a powerful and unforgettable finish.

The Power of Spoken-Word Poetry

Spoken-word poetry is a medium that allows artists like Pages Matam to showcase their artistry in a way that is both engaging and relatable. Unlike traditional poetry, spoken-word transforms poetry into a performance art, allowing viewers to experience the power of words on a deeper level. Through spoken-word poetry, artists can convey their emotions and messages in a way that is tangible, creating a more profound connection with their audience.

Join the Community

If you are a fan of spoken-word poetry and want to explore more performances like ‘Piñata,’ consider subscribing to Button Poetry. Button Poetry is a platform dedicated to showcasing diverse voices in the poetry community. They host various events, including readings, open mics, and workshops, and host performances by many notable artists in the spoken-word community.

If you are an artist interested in sharing your work, Button Poetry provides a platform to get your voice heard. Additionally, supporting platforms like Button Poetry can help broaden poetry’s audience and encourage more people to explore spoken-word poetry.

Watching ‘Piñata’: A Reminder of the Power of Words

Through his performance of ‘Piñata,’ Pages Matam highlights the power of words and the impact they can have on those around us. His words serve as a reminder to be mindful of the language we use and how it can affect others. Pages Matam’s performance also serves as a critique of the harm caused by exploitative behavior towards children. By creating a vivid, emotional story, Pages Matam helps us understand these issues on a deeper level.


  1. What is spoken-word poetry?
    Spoken-word poetry is a form of poetry that is meant to be performed or spoken aloud, rather than simply read from the page.

  2. What is Button Poetry?
    Button Poetry is a platform that provides opportunities and events for poets to share their work. They also promote diverse voices and work to build a community of poets and poetry lovers.

  3. How can I support spoken-word poetry?
    You can support spoken-word poetry by attending live events, subscribing to platforms like Button Poetry, and sharing performances with your friends and family.

  4. How can I become a spoken-word artist?
    Becoming a spoken-word artist requires practice, dedication, and a willingness to express your emotions and thoughts through words. Start by writing poetry and practicing your performance skills in front of an audience.

  5. What are some benefits of spoken-word poetry?
    Some benefits of spoken-word poetry include increased fluency in language, deeper empathy and understanding of different experiences, and better communication skills.

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