Exploring the Powerful Message of Lily Myers’ Thought-Provoking Piece, “Shrinking Women” #Shorts

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Unveiling the Profound Impact of Lily Myers’ Provocative Masterpiece, “Shrinking Women” #Shorts

In the realm of spoken word poetry, there are few pieces as compelling and thought-provoking as Lily Myers’ “Shrinking Women.” With her powerful performance, Myers delves deep into the societal pressures and expectations placed upon women, unapologetically addressing issues of body image, self-worth, and the importance of reclaiming one’s voice. In this blog post, we embark on a captivating exploration of Myers’ remarkable piece, dissecting its raw emotion, captivating language, and the resounding message it holds for women everywhere. Join us as we dive into the profound journey that “Shrinking Women” offers, challenging our perspectives, and igniting important conversations.

Exploring the Powerful Message of Lily Myers’ Thought-Provoking Piece, “Shrinking Women”


In the world of poetry, there are certain pieces that leave a lasting impact on the mind and heart. Lily Myers’ powerful spoken-word poem, “Shrinking Women,” is one such creation. Through vivid imagery and poignant words, Myers explores the theme of women shrinking in society. This article delves into the thought-provoking message behind this poem and the impact it has had on its audience.

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Poem Explores the Theme of Women Shrinking in Society

“Shrinking Women” by Lily Myers delves deep into the theme of women shrinking in society. Through her thought-provoking words, Myers portrays the struggles and expectations faced by women in a patriarchal society. The poem examines how women are often conditioned to make themselves smaller, both physically and metaphorically, in order to accommodate societal norms and expectations.

Grandmother Only Eats Dinner When Suggested

In “Shrinking Women,” Myers highlights the societal pressures faced by women through a personal anecdote. She narrates the story of her grandmother, who only eats dinner when someone suggests it. This simple act symbolizes the selflessness that women are often expected to exhibit, often putting their own needs and desires on hold to prioritize others.

House Feels Bigger Each Time Narrator Returns

As the poem progresses, the narrator reflects upon returning to her childhood home and how it feels bigger each time. This observation represents the increasing awareness of societal expectations and the pressure to conform as one grows older. The house serves as a metaphor for the world and how it can feel intimidating or overwhelming for those who feel compelled to shrink themselves within it.

Women in the Family Have Been Shrinking for Decades

Through her vivid yet relatable narration, Myers highlights the generational impact of the theme of shrinking women. She shares that the women in her family have been shrinking for decades, passing on this learned behavior from one generation to the next. This stark reality emphasizes the need for breaking free from the constraints imposed by society and embracing one’s true self.

Poem Touches on Issues of Entitlement and Apologizing

In “Shrinking Women,” Lily Myers touches upon the issues of entitlement and apologizing. She eloquently expresses how women often find themselves apologizing for things that are beyond their control or neglecting their own needs to accommodate others. This raw exploration of societal expectations serves as a wake-up call, prompting listeners to question and challenge the status quo.


Lily Myers’ thought-provoking piece, “Shrinking Women,” offers a powerful message that resonates deeply with its audience. Through her vivid storytelling and skillful use of words, Myers sheds light on the societal pressures faced by women and the need to break free from the confines of shrinking oneself. Button Poetry’s commitment to amplifying diverse voices provides the perfect platform for poems like “Shrinking Women” to be heard and appreciated.


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