Embracing Diversity: A Celebration of Rubi Morgan’s Multi-cultural Heritage

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Welcome to our blog post, where we invite you to embark on a journey of embracing diversity and celebrating the multi-cultural heritage of Rubi Morgan. In our increasingly interconnected world, embracing diversity has become not only a strong moral imperative but also a vital aspect of fostering inclusivity in our communities. In this article, we will delve into the rich tapestry of Rubi Morgan’s multi-cultural background and explore the beauty and significance of honoring one’s roots. Join us as we learn about the diverse cultures that have shaped Rubi’s identity and celebrate the uniqueness that comes from embracing and valuing our differences.


In a world that often emphasizes conformity and uniformity, it is refreshing to witness the celebration of diversity and multicultural heritage. At the heart of this celebration is Rubi Morgan, a talented poet whose captivating performances have taken stage at events such as WoWPS 2020 in Dallas, TX. Through her spoken word and performance poetry, Rubi Morgan highlights the importance of embracing our individuality and appreciating the richness that comes from diverse voices. This article will explore Rubi Morgan’s journey and the mission of Button Poetry in promoting spoken word and performance poetry. Additionally, it will delve into the themes of identity, inclusivity, and the significance of cultural appreciation.

Showcasing the Power and Diversity of Voices in the Community

Button Poetry, an organization committed to the promotion of spoken word and performance poetry, has provided a platform for Rubi Morgan and countless others to showcase their talent. Through their events and online presence, Button Poetry has helped bring poetry to a broader audience, amplifying the voices that often go unheard. WoWPS 2020 in Dallas, TX, served as a significant stage for Rubi Morgan, where her performances captivated the audience with her raw emotions and powerful expressions.

Broadening Poetry’s Audience and Cultural Appreciation

One of the remarkable aspects of Rubi Morgan’s performances lies in the exploration of her multi-cultural heritage. Growing up in a family that embraces diversity, Rubi Morgan delves into her experiences of feeling excluded and the struggle to fully reconcile her identity. In one of her notable poems, she reflects on her father’s opinion of her dating men who resemble him. This deeply personal piece reflects the complexities of identity and the desire for inclusion in a society that often thrives on categorization.

Reflection on Identity and Feeling Excluded

As Rubi Morgan weaves her personal stories into her performances, she invites the audience to reflect on their own experiences of inclusion and exclusion. Her words resonate with those who have grappled with the feeling of not fitting neatly into societal molds. Through the lens of her multi-cultural heritage, Rubi Morgan raises awareness about the importance of acknowledging and celebrating diverse identities. It is a call for acceptance and understanding, urging us to embrace the unique tapestry of cultures that define our world.

Acknowledgement of Lighter Skin Tones in the Family

In addition to exploring her multi-cultural roots, Rubi Morgan also sheds light on the complexities of skin tone within her own family. Through her thought-provoking poetry, she acknowledges the privilege that comes with having lighter skin tones and the implications it carries. This introspection prompts important conversations about colorism and challenges societal norms that often place lighter skin on a pedestal while marginalizing darker skin tones.

Love for the Father, Despite Not Feeling “Black Enough” for Him

Of all the themes Rubi Morgan explores, perhaps the most poignant is her love for her father. Despite feeling at times that she doesn’t embody what her father perceives as “black enough,” Rubi Morgan’s profound affection for him shines through in her performances. She navigates the complexities of their relationship with honesty and vulnerability, highlighting the universal struggle of seeking parental approval while embracing one’s full identity.


  1. Q: What is Rubi Morgan’s background?

    A: Rubi Morgan comes from a multi-cultural heritage that encompasses diverse identities.

  2. Q: How did Button Poetry contribute to Rubi Morgan’s success?

    A: Button Poetry provided a platform for Rubi Morgan to showcase her talent and reach a wider audience.

  3. Q: What is the significance of WoWPS 2020?

    A: WoWPS 2020 in Dallas, TX, was a significant event where Rubi Morgan performed her captivating poetry.

  4. Q: What themes does Rubi Morgan explore in her performances?

    A: Rubi Morgan delves into identity, inclusivity, and cultural appreciation within her performances.

  5. Q: What is the mission of Button Poetry?

    A: Button Poetry aims to promote spoken word and performance poetry, amplifying diverse voices and broadening poetry’s audience.


Rubi Morgan’s poetic journey epitomizes the celebration of diversity and multicultural heritage. Through her performances and the support of Button Poetry, Rubi Morgan showcases the power and diversity of voices in the community. Her introspective explorations of identity and experiences of feeling excluded prompt deep reflection and foster cultural appreciation. By acknowledging the complexities of skin tone and the struggle for acceptance, she sparks conversations that are both necessary and enlightening. Rubi Morgan’s talent and her dedication to embracing diversity remind us of the importance of celebrating our unique and multi-cultural heritage.

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