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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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Ebony Stewart, performing at the Button Studio.

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Anonymous box questions a sixth grade Boys group asked a sex education teacher Miss ebony If you don't have a condom can you use a Plastic bag [Music] No Plastic bags won't protect you from stds Or prevent pregnancy Miss ebony Can a girl get pregnant if i put my pee In her ear what No um that was an episode from family Guy this is real life and in this class We will only use medically correct terms What's another word for balls Testicles Miss ebony Why do girls scream when they have sex And what if the bed breaks Men and women make noises as a Pleasurable response and in most cases This normal okay and if the bed is not Sturdy it could break but hopefully no One gets hurt i am trained Okay to answer these questions but Sometimes i want to say if there is a Girl who will allow you to use a plastic Bag inside her this is not the girl or Person for you Ejaculating Into someone Anyone's ear Is gross

And Confusing because Why would you want to do that You could say nuts tea bags sack beans Boys friends but who the hell is peter And not all women scream because not all Of us need to the question you should be More concerned with this how will i know She's faking it or not But none of the above have to do with The bed breaking But then there are questions Put into the box as true as tim's name Admits it's a star with print as small As a signature of a gnat evenly folded To show me how careful i have to be in Answering his questions why does liking The color pink make me gay and if i am Is it bad And i immediately wanted to show him how To become camouflage How to give up his shadow and become a Closet and say they have picket signs And slanderous tongue shaped like swords Of malice that we all have a certain Prejudiced bully inside us you boy must Not believe in being outcasted in blue Blue is more fitting for the sinking Emotions you might feel or the sort of Lifespan of your bruises that haven't Quite healed yet or a piece of your iris Before a piece of you turn great tim With all 206 bones 17 of them reaching For me in his eyes looks at me the way

He does hope and the ability to love Outside of himself is waiting for an Answer so i say You could be a pink spider-man if you Want to A bow tie a cupcake with pink insides as Long as your heartbeat preference and Colors have to do with emotion so you Should do what feels good you gotta be Willing to be brave enough to be the Only one who knows you're afraid bad is Hiding inside yourself bad is someone Judging what they don't understand in Which direction your heart goes when Love It's supposed to be a good thing that You don't have to control use a cookie Cutter to recreate that love can be a Person place or thing in any emotion you Wrap around that special person that Makes your heart explode When they walk Into a room there is no skull and Crossbones over your heart you are a Good thing that somebody be dying to get Next to And there is no shame In that You

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