DON’T STOP BELIEVING – Motivational Speech

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

The fight isn’t over when you fall, it’s only over when you quit trying to get up.

What do you do when it seems like Suffering won't stop What do you do when it feels like your Pain doesn't have a point What does it do when it feels like your Weaknesses continue to worsen You're going through a tough time maybe You are in a valley today that you've Experienced the worst failure of your Life and you are on the verge of giving Up maybe you're here today and your Marriage is on the Rocks maybe you're Here today and you're dealing with Anxiety on a daily basis you know what It's like to be in a lonely dark place You know what it's like to want to quit You know what it's like when the Pressure's overwhelming when people Expect your best but you're at your Worst That is a moment of choice that is a Moment of decision What will your response be are you going To sit back are you going to step up Adversity creates the perfect moment for Audacity The real challenge of growth mentally Emotionally and spiritually comes when You get knocked down Life's gonna punch you right in the face Life's gonna fire you over and over Again you're going to be told you're not Good enough your faith is going to be Tested your family is going to look you

In the eye and say how do we got health Insurance next month I don't know but I Know we're going to make it life is hard Man that's what it's about if you don't Work as hard as you can if you don't Sacrifice everything if you don't get Rejected and keep coming back for more If you don't get your loyalty tested and You're Faith tested you don't love that Thing if you bail out so if you fought Through all that that's love you even in The darkest times even when the sun is Blotted out and the world is falling Apart the darkness cannot extinguish Your light your will no matter what is Happening no matter how hard the fight Is as long as you keep fighting you win Only surrender is defeat only quitting Is the end listen to me everybody you Can't give up you can't give in if it Was easy everybody would do it but if Life's got you down I need you to get up And prove them wrong I'm unstoppable this will not get me Down you've got to make those kind of Declarations to yourself I have never Met anybody who became incredibly Successful in any area of their life Until they have suffered and sweated and Sacrificed and kept their focus and Fought through tears and trials and Tests and if you have a dream and you Commit to it it will come to pass you Must have patience and engage in

Consistent action we live in the world Ladies and gentlemen where people want Instant gratification they want it right Now no it's simple but it's not easy It's a system that if you work the System it works if you work it but make No mistake about it it's hard and you Are the determining Factor the people That make it in this world look around For the circumstances that they want and If they can't find them they create them It's you that you must take personal Responsibility to make it happen it's Hard no easy it's not option I'll have However what she will discover is it's Worth it now listen to me I don't care If you sick I don't care what you're Going through if you're not dead he Ain't through with you yet as long as You waking up you still stay as long as You're alive you can still get happy In your nostrilable Still in the game you still can win now Get your butt up it is the size of the Fight here in the dog I ain't smart I Never got on A's but I got Hearts I got Will and I go take everything I want in Case nobody stop me bring on the fight And I'll match your intensity I will Match your fight and you will not Outlast me what will you do with your Pain will you let it break you or will You let it redefine you You're gonna have sometimes low moments

When you won't want to get out of bed It's just want to stay there At times you won't want to come out the House It's hard living Life is hard It's hard handling just the tragedies of Life It's hard When you're working on something and and You put everything you have in it and it Doesn't work out you lose your money in Other people's money It's hard You will go through things and while You're going through them you can't Understand why it's happening to you And it's in these moments right now that So often we feel like backing down What is it That will make it worth it for you To face the rejections what is it that Will make it worth it for you the Brainstorm and not be intimidated and Say I can do this what is it that will Make it worth it for you to raise the Bar on yourself and say I've got some More stuff in me what is it I will make it for you And you want to give up The things they're working against you What is it have a help to get back up Again The man's character is not judged after

He celebrates a victory by but but by What he does when his back is against The wall So no matter how How severe the failure you never give up You're going to fail You're going to make some mistakes You've got to fight you will have Opposition things going to happen to you In life it's called life and it's not Personal stuff's going to happen sure You might lose comfort and sleep sure it Might be frightening So what Darker than night Brighter the morning you will feel your Way to success it doesn't matter how Many times you fail it doesn't matter How many times people tell you that you Can't do it it doesn't matter if you Don't have a dime in that bed the thing That's causing you pain today actually Has purpose in your life every season You can learn every season you can grow Every challenge is developing you that Which does not kill you will make you Stronger I don't need you thinking about it no More you're doing too much thinking you Analyze it too much you talking yourself Out of it I just oh yeah I don't know if This gonna work I tried and it didn't Work I just need you to keep moving I Need you to make up in your mind that

The only way you can lose is if you quit I just need you to keep going get Emotional if you must cry if you must Get it out but get your butt back up After you finish crying and put a time Limit on the pride you say coach I need 30 minutes don't take it but when you Come back after that 31 minutes you Better cry because if you don't you'll Be stuck at that person for the rest of Your life and some of you are not Successful because every single time you Run up against a trial every time you Run up against a tribulation you stop And you cut off beast mode and what I'm Here to tell you is if you tell that Thing I'm here just like you here and I Promise you I ain't leaving without the Degree I will not leave without that Goal I will not leave without that dream I will not leave this universally until I'm successful I will not leave this job I will not leave this client I will not Leave this opportunity until I get it I Between two miracles Those terrible events in your life and You create a new story of Triumph we Gotta become something new we take those Traumas we take that pain and we allow It to become a part of who we want to be What if I told you you got everything You need to make it through your storm This storm will not take you out and I Know you've been tired and I know it's

Been hurting and I know it's been Lifelong and it might be an addiction it May be wondering how much longer you're Going to have a job or when you're gonna Get one or when this is all gonna be Over but you're not gonna die in this Trial you're gonna make it in fact You're gonna be better it's either Fight's not over if you've been knocked Down it's only over if you quit if you Make the decision to get up one more Time I'm telling you you will win the Fight To anyone out there that's listening That's started to go down down in that Whole Trapped in the chains of depression Or addiction or rage Maybe you've taken a knock down Concerning your finances lately Your help maybe some other Arena of life You're laying on the mat gasping and you Don't know what you're gonna do People ask you how you are and you say Fine but you're not fine and they'll Never know that We're people we're people and we Struggle and we suffer and we bleed and We cry and if you think that true Strength means never showing any Weakness then I'm here to tell you You're wrong You're wrong because it's the opposite You're gonna get depressed sometimes

You're gonna have weeks where you don't Feel like eating where gravity is Working overtime like it's afraid of Getting laid off and you can barely lift Your fork to your mouth and you are Going to have a choice you have a choice To either give up or keep going Give up or get up It's like you have to save your own life Nobody's gonna be able to save it for You All we have to do what we have to do no Matter what it is We all struggle We all know what it is to hurt We all know what it is to have pain in Our heart and you know what it's okay That's just a part of life as much as I Hate some of the parts of my life Depression has dragged me down to in a Lot of ways I'm grateful for it because Yeah it's put me in The Valleys but only To show me there's Peaks and yeah it's Driving me through the dark but only to Remind me there is light Is not always good life is not always Rosy life is worth living when you fail Try again and again and again Hold on to that fundamental quality of Faith have faith and on the other side Of your pain is something good It's in your adversity the thing that Comes out of you is what defines you When life is squeezing you and pressure

Is on you what's really inside of you See there's some people in this room Right now that you need to hear this Loud and clear you need to get this in Your spirit because I don't know what You're walking through but some of you Right now you are in a tough season an Event has happened and Something's Happened and maybe you have failed but I Want to remind you that failure is not Final it's formative it is part of the Process It's part of the journey your failure Matters as much as your success How do you think you're gonna grow if You don't ever fail yet some of you have Failed and you have decided well guess What I'm a failure no failure is an Event it is never a person just because You failed doesn't mean that you're a Failure in fact failure is actually fuel For your future the way that you grow The way that you advance you have to Fail in order to succeed the darker the Night the brighter the morning this too Shall pass you're gonna get through this Thing I want you to look in the mirror And I want you to tell yourself I am a Survivor listen to me and you can get Through this I want you to speak life Into that thing whatever it is what's Frustrating you like for real you feel Like I can't go through another day like This I can't handle it I can't take it

Listen to me very closely say it with me And breathe life into whatever that Thing is whatever your circumstance are Say with me I care I care I can't get Through this I will I will get through This I must There are moments that try the human Soul So violently And so perplexing that if the truth We're told all of us Have had moments that we wanted to throw Up our hands And walk away Life is a threat It's full of threats you all know what You got till the storm breaks use He said everything crazy happens when You're in transition when you look at Where you are and where you've got to go And all the dangers that are in between You and your destiny the Lions the Tigers and the Bears you look at the People that fell on your right side and Fell on your left side and you said oh God I'm terrified and I'm anxious and Worried but you will give me you can't Trust your gauges but you will give him You may go through some stuff you may be Betrayed you may even be delayed but you Will get there that means Don't Let Yourself Go that means don't let Yourself go down that means don't give Up on yourself

That means get up out the bed in the Morning with an agenda that means keep On moving towards your goal I don't care How long it takes if you keep working Hard I don't know when but it's going to Pay off you just can't lose sight you Got to keep looking up and you got to See the big picture difference between a Winner and a loser the failure is there Every single time it's just the winner Gets back up and does it again and does It again until it goes his way your Dream come when you push do you know Cookies and ice cream push it's alive It's inside how do you know you feel it Dream about it you ain't even sleeping Every day when people talk to you tell Them that's what I'm gonna do so first How do you push your way to success you Push yourself to that 4.0 you push Yourself to that scholarship you push Yourself to the next level just push Past the play Push don't quit don't get Pushed I'm still I'm still trying but I'm still here But I'm still Still but I'm still here I've been Frustrated that I'm still here I cried But I'm still here I'm doing my way Through every situation every trial Every tribula I will my way through it I Don't care if it's cancer I will my way Through it I don't care if I'm

Struggling in school and I'm trying to Get a degree I will my way through it I Don't care if you fail the boards go Again I don't care if you fail the law Exam go again will your way through it But you know what I'm not gonna do I'm Not gonna quit in the process I'm not Gonna give up I'm not gonna give in I'm Not gonna let you take my stuff my job My opportunity my life I'm not gonna let You do it and then even though I don't Have nothing fancy to fight with like a Degree or like a million dollars or like A bunch of friends but I'm Gonna Roll Up What I got and I'm gonna throw it at you I will do whatever it takes there's Going to be blood there's going to be Sweat and they're gonna be tears I'm not Giving it up you gotta take it and I Will allow it hey so what's the greatest You will not break me if you want to Think bad enough to go out and fight for It to work day and night for it to give Up your time your peace and your sleep For if all it's your dream and seeing us About it and life seems useless and Worthless without it and if you're going To sweat for an effect for it and plan For it and lose all your charity Opposition for it and if you simply go After that thing that you want all of Your capacity strength and surpassity Faith hope and confidence and Stern for Tenacity if neither cold poverty family

Should go sickness or pain your body and Brain can keep you away from the thing That you want if dog and Grim your Besiege and be said it with the help of God you'll get it Foreign [Applause] Getting successful It's not a magic trick You have a say-so in that You can decide to be rich But you first have to think it The difference between successful people And non-successful people is here You have to change this If you keep doing what you've been doing You're gonna keep getting what you've Been getting So if you're at a place in your life and You ain't happy with it you have to Change some things but you have to make A conscious interest decision that You're going to change and it's not Dependent on anybody else it don't Matter what your mama think it don't Matter what your co-workers think it Don't matter what your siblings think it Don't matter what your children think it Don't matter They have nothing to do with it this Decision is yours and yours alone Never let anybody tell you that you Can't A lot of time as a leader a lot of time

As a business Builder a lot of time as a Craftsperson we will have an idea for a Business or a product where the rest of The world says that's impossible and we Have to be coming from a place from Within where our I can is larger than or I can you absolutely must do the Interior work required where you have These fiery levels of confidence where When the world is saying you know what I Dismiss your vision or that is Impossible you have to be that lone Voice who goes no you know what it is Possible and just watch me do it I am not going to allow anything to Shake me I'm not gonna lie anything to Stop me I'm not gonna allow anything to Stop my happiness in my growth we gotta Live beyond reality even before you do It see yourself doing it even before you Accomplish it see yourself accomplishing Your perception is everything not just Circumstances not your situation it's How you see it and if you can learn to See it correctly if you can learn to Just get past the pain get past the Little hurt if you can learn to see it Properly I guarantee you could be what You want to be you better have what you Want to have you can do what you want to Do Thank you Every Champion has felt it every Victorious person has felt it to urge to

Quit Don't you give up on your dream I don't Care if you don't have the money you Don't have the help and you don't have The family for it and you don't have the Friends for it don't you give up on your Dream coach you do it it may take you Twice as long you may have to take Courses and classes you may not read as Fast you might not move as quick you Might not have as much but don't you Quit if you lay dead even the animals Won't bite you the risk of being bitten Is the cost of getting up and you have To decide are you so concerned about Being bitten that you're willing to Spend the rest of your life laying dead Or is there something pumping down Inside of you this invite me or not I'm Getting up I'm gonna be the best man I'ma Do all I can do I'm going for it Anybody can do anything they set their Mind to It depends on how bad you want it with Enough persistence most things that seem Impossible Become possible You just have to show up and show up So often Time after time you got to wake up and You gotta drive you got to be driven to Go get something done now you got to be Willing to stand on your lease because a Lot of times you're the only one who can

See it and other people they don't see It really but you got to really believe In what you got inside of you is telling You and driving you to a certain goal For something the very minute that you Decide upon something you know that's What you want you know you're going to Do it all of these negatives that have Been bothering you they pick up their Baggage and get off They can't live in a positive mind you Have to move with courage with faith With determination Look at how difficult it is Listen you better put some strength in Your back Plant your feet and stand up Don't you dance now don't you dare Crumble under the weight of it don't you Dare give in because of the nature of it Don't you dare go home and raise the White flag of surrender because Whatever's over you defines you and Whatever defines you limits you this not Your season to die This is not your season to quit there's Joy there's peace Right through this provision but you'll Never see it if you don't stand up to it Your pain is going to be a part of your Prize a part of your product I challenge You to never give up never give in and Finally guys you gotta want to succeed As bad as you wanna breathe


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