DO NOT QUIT – Motivational Speech

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Do not quit.

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Have the courage to act on your inner vision. Don’t die a dreamer. Success requires courage, being different, and persevering through challenges. Keep moving forward, no matter what.

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Do you have the courage
  To act outwardly
on what you see inwardly?
  Or will you die a dreamer?
Will you die on the verge and on the edge
  And in the land of
could've, would've and should've?
  It takes courage to be successful.
It is far easier
  Not to be successful.
Misery will always have company.
  Success breeds contempt.
If you don't want to make waves
  Be mediocre
be normal
  And fit in.
And if you're more concerned about people
  Than you are about your dreams
just fit in with everybody else.
  Dress like them
walk like them
  Act like them
eat like them
  Go where they go
think like they think
  Do what they do
and once you have neutralized your uniqueness
  You don't need courage.
It takes courage to be different.
  It takes courage to go where 
you've never gone before.
  It takes courage to be successful.
It takes courage to win.
  People don't talk about people that don't win.
If you win
  They're going to talk about you.
Do you have the courage to stand there
  Though the storms keep raging
and the people get to talking
  And the walls are closing in on you
and you stand there and say
  I've come too far to turn around?
Do you have the courage?
  The moments that take your breath away
are the ones that count.
  You need the downs to create the ups
you need the ups to create the downs
  You need to feel the opposites
to truly understand
  The full reality of the life you're living.
I don't care if you've been beaten to the floor
  If your legs are too tired to lift that weight
break through that barrier
  And create new ones for you.
Get back up and live life.
  When there's a will
there's a way.
  When you truly need something
you can find a way
  And you stop at nothing to reach it.
So I don't care how long it takes.
  I don't care the sacrifice.
You've put in too many hours
  You've made too many phone calls
you've put in too much money
  You've invested too much time.
You should have quit last year

You should have quit two years ago
you've come too far to give up.
  The only thing you can do right now
is go all in.
  I will not stop in the middle of the process.
I will not be defeated.
  I will not be destroyed.
I will take everything that happens in my life
  And I will allow the pain
to push me to greatness.
  You will not break me.
You will not stop me.
  You will not defeat me.
I choose to fight back.
  You have to draw the line
and say enough is enough.
  Get out of that narrow-mindedness.
Get out of that defeated mentality.
  Get away from that circle.
Get away from those people   That don't wish you any good.
Get away from those people that   Don't want you to succeed.
Get away from them.
  You can't count the cost.
When you want something bad
  You can't count the cost.
Because if you count the cost
  And you see how much it costs
you might quit
  You might give up.
So you got to go in
  Knowing that I don't count the cost.
I do as many pushups as it takes
  As many situps as it takes
as many reps as it takes
  I study as long as it takes
I pay whatever the price is
Because if I start counting the cost
  I might quit
I might give up
  I might surrender.
So don't count the cost.
  You don't count the cost on this one.
You don't count how many breaths you take.
  You don't count how long you study.
You don't count how far you have left.
  You don't count it.
You get to a point
  Where you just do whatever the hell it takes
  To get whatever you want.
You have to be disciplined every single day
  And train yourself to follow through
when things get hard.
  You have to do it when you don't feel like it.
You have to do it when you feel discouraged.
  You have to do it when you don't feel healthy.
You have to do it when you're under the weather.
  Every single day
you have to train yourself
  To focus
to commit
  To push forward and follow through.
Yes, you're tired
  Yes, your mind is saying give up
yes, it's saying quit

But you cannot quit
because you realize   You have not reached the goal yet.
You have come too far to quit in the process.
  You have invested too much to quit now.
You have lost too much to quit now.
  Don't cry about it.
Don't whine about it.
  Get a reward for your pain.
There's nothing as powerful
  As the human spirit.
You can pervert it
  But you can't destroy it.
If you lose the job
  Keep the faith.
If you lose the spouse
  Keep the faith.
If you have to downsize
  Keep the faith.
If you're at your wit's end
  Keep the faith.
When you tell yourself
  You're gonna do whatever the hell it takes
to make it through this
  You will make it happen
no matter what.
  If you can't fly
  If you can't run
  If you can't walk
  But by all means
keep moving.
  Life will knock you between the eyes.
It will catch you on the blindside.
  Come out of nowhere.
Stuff you can't anticipate.
  It'll knock the wind out of you.
You want to give up.
  You will not be challenged in your convenience.
You will be challenged in your chaos.
  When you run out of money
when things don't work out for you
  When things happen that you could not anticipate
what are the reasons that you can think of
  That can keep you strong?
If you know the why for living
  You can endure almost any how.
You will be tested.
  And how you face that test
and how you overcome that test
  Determines the rest of your life.
The one mentality that you must have in life
  Is that regardless of what's in front of you
you still must grind.
  I'll never be in the Olympics
I'll never be a professional athlete
  But still
I grind.
  I fail at most things I do
but still I grind.
  I don't want to do half the stuff I got to do
but still I grind.
  You don't have to force yourself
or motivate yourself to think negatively.
  To be depressed
to hate somebody

To want revenge
to want to get back at somebody
  To beat yourself up over and over
your mind is on automatic
  It will do that by itself.
But if you want to begin to   Move into your own
personal greatness
  If you want to begin to really enjoy
a happy, successful, healthy life
  You've got to be willing to go against the tide.
You've got to be willing to harness your will
  And say in spite of this
I'm in control here.
  I'm not going to let this get me down
I'm not going to let this destroy me.
  Before you are boxed and buried
decide that you're   Going to box and bury your fears.
Decide that you're going to begin to live life
  On a new level.
Seeking out new horizons.
  It's necessary that you look for ways
to always find a way
  To pull it out
when everybody else thinks that you're defeated.
  That you've got to take 
personal responsibility to know
  That in order to become successful
you've got to make it your personal business
  To get it done.
Stand up for your dreams.
  Decide that your life is so meaningful to you
that you love yourself
  And you love life so much
that you're going to stand   Up for what you believe in
because you can fall for anything.
  I'm doing this because all my life
I've been told I'd be a loser
  That I wouldn't make it.
I'm doing this to make them a liar.
  I believe like Frank Sinatra did.
He said the best revenge in life
  Is massive success.
And if life's got you down
  I need you to get up
and prove them wrong.
  Decide that you're going to push yourself
that you're not going to take no as an answer.
  You will not accept defeat.
Most people won't do that.
  Most people give up on themselves easily.
You know the human spirit is powerful?
  There is nothing as powerful.
It's hard to kill the human spirit.
  When you have a made up mind
you don't care about the facts.
  You don't care about the odds.
The power to hold on in spite of everything
  The power to endure
this is the winner's quality.
  The hunger
the ability to face defeat
  Again and again and again, without giving up
this is a winner's quality.
  You have that quality within you.
In life

We have to continue pushing past the odds.
Use everything this world   Has to give you for fuel.
Do you know that your survival rate
  For every last one of them 
bad days you've been through
  Is 100 percent?
You're batting a thousand.
  You've survived every hater
you've survived all the evictions
  You've survived all the 
trouble you've ever been in.
  Your survival rate is 100 percent.
You got to proactively prepare to catch yourself
  When you find yourself getting negative.
Negative with yourself
  And negative with people
that you've allowed to push your buttons.
  When you find yourself becoming negative
about what's happening to you
  And the circumstances that you're involved in
whatever storm you found yourself in today
  Don't give up.
I know it hurts
  And I know you don't want to take it anymore
and it feels like you're looking at your dreams
  From underwater.
But you cannot give up right now.
  You have not seen the best days of your life yet.
You've got to start living your life
  In expectation.
You have got to start expecting   Great things to happen for you
in order for it to happen.
  If you live your life and expectations
that's what happens to you.
  If you live your life in despair
that's what happens to you.
  Say this to yourself every day
it's not over
  Until I win.
You've got to be willing to face rejection
  Again and again and again.
Face defeat
  Again and again and again.
And every time life knocks you down
  You jump up and say
it's not over until I win.
  Faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing.
Listen to things that can empower you
  That can enable you to create 
a new reality for yourself
  And a new life for yourself.
You might appear to be   Strange around most people.
People are gonna think you're crazy.
  But that's okay.
You're not trying to be like them.
  You're cut from a different cloth.
You deserve to be a winner.
  And winners don't think about losses.
They don't focus on what could happen.
  They concentrate on the possibilities of winning.
The biggest challenge that you will have in life
  Is you.
  If there's no enemy within
the enemy outside can do us no harm.

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