Discovering a Chunk of Bone the Size of My Index Finger with Ollie Schminkey

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Have you ever stumbled upon something unexpectedly fascinating during a leisurely stroll? Well, let me share with you a remarkable encounter I had recently. As I ventured into the great outdoors alongside my dear friend Ollie Schminkey, little did I know that we were about to stumble upon a truly mesmerizing find – a chunk of bone, oh, the size of my index finger! Join me as I unravel the intriguing story behind this unexpected discovery, filled with curiosity and awe.

Discovering a Chunk of Bone the Size of My Index Finger with Ollie Schminkey


Have you ever stumbled upon something so unexpected, it leaves you questioning the very nature of reality? Well, that’s precisely what happened to me when I discovered a chunk of bone the size of my index finger. And in the midst of this peculiar experience, I had the opportunity to dive into the world of Ollie Schminkey.

Who is Ollie Schminkey?

Ollie Schminkey is a talented spoken word poet and author of the book “DEAD DAD JOKES”. This mesmerizing collection of poems delves into the depths of grief, loss, and love, while still managing to find humor in even the darkest of moments. Ollie’s book is available for purchase, offering readers a window into their profound storytelling abilities.

Reflecting on Memories and Moments

As I marveled at the bone fragment I had discovered, my mind wandered through memories and moments shared with my own deceased father. It was as if the universe had aligned, directing me towards Ollie Schminkey’s work, which beautifully echoed my own emotions and experiences.

Ollie’s words are more than just ink on a page; they are portals into the rawness of human existence, forcing us to confront our own mortality and the complex emotions that come with it. Through their poetry, Ollie invites us on a journey of self-reflection, reminding us that grief is not a linear process and that it can manifest in unexpected ways.

The Power of Spoken Word

Ollie Schminkey is not only an accomplished poet but also a captivating performer. They grace the stage at the Strike Theater in Minneapolis, MN, leaving audiences captivated by their powerful delivery and vulnerability. The combination of their words and their stage presence creates an immersive experience, immersing the listener in a sea of emotions.

Join the Channel for Exclusive Perks and Content

If you find yourself entranced by Ollie’s work, it’s worth considering joining their channel. By becoming a member, you gain access to exclusive perks and content, further deepening your connection to their powerful storytelling. This unique opportunity allows you to journey alongside Ollie as they explore new territories in the realm of poetry.

Supporting Button Poetry

Button Poetry, the organization behind Ollie Schminkey’s performances and publications, aims to develop and promote spoken word and performance poetry. Through their platform, they seek to showcase diverse voices within the community, expanding poetry’s reach and cultural appreciation. By supporting Button Poetry, you contribute to the growth and evolution of this unique art form.


Discovering a chunk of bone the size of my index finger led me down a path of self-reflection, where I found solace and understanding through Ollie Schminkey’s captivating words. Their book “DEAD DAD JOKES” offers a poignant exploration of grief, loss, and love, inviting readers to reflect on their own experiences. Additionally, Ollie’s performances at the Strike Theater in Minneapolis, MN, leave audiences spellbound, immersing them in the power of spoken word poetry. By joining Ollie’s channel and supporting Button Poetry, you become a part of a community that aims to elevate and celebrate this unique art form.


  1. Where can I purchase Ollie Schminkey’s book “DEAD DAD JOKES”?
    You can purchase Ollie’s book “DEAD DAD JOKES” from various online retailers such as Amazon or directly from Button Poetry’s website.

  2. Where can I watch Ollie Schminkey perform live?
    Ollie performs regularly at the Strike Theater in Minneapolis, MN. Keep an eye out for their upcoming shows and performances.

  3. What is the goal of Button Poetry?
    Button Poetry aims to develop and promote spoken word and performance poetry, showcasing diverse voices within the community.

  4. **What is the significance of Ollie Schminkey’s poetry?
    Ollie’s poetry allows readers and listeners to reflect on their own experiences of grief, loss, and love. Their words resonate on a deep level, reminding us of the complexities of human emotions.

  5. How can I support Button Poetry?
    You can support Button Poetry by becoming a member and joining Ollie Schminkey’s channel, accessing exclusive content, and contributing to the growth and reach of spoken word poetry.

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