Discover What You Need to Know Before Dating Me” – Insights from Jamie Mortara [Shorts Video]

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If you’re thinking about dating me, there are a few things you should know first. In this insightful shorts video, Jamie Mortara shares some key insights that will help you better understand what it takes to enter into a relationship with them. Whether you’re a longtime friend or a potential love interest, this video is an essential watch before making any moves. So sit tight and get ready to discover what you need to know before dating me.


Are you looking for someone to date? Well, before you start looking, have you thought about what you need to know about yourself or a person you want to date? Sometimes, we get so caught up in the idea of dating that we forget to take a closer look at ourselves and what we really want. Luckily, Jamie Mortara, who is known for their poetry and spoken word performances, has given us a glimpse of what we need to know before dating them. In this article, we will dive deeper into Mortara’s spoken word piece “Discover What You Need to Know Before Dating Me”, and gain insights into what we can learn before dating anyone.


Broadening Poetry’s Audience

Before we dive into the specifics of the poem, let’s take a moment to appreciate the art form that Mortara is showcasing in their performance. Button Poetry, a YouTube channel that features spoken word and performance poetry, has given artists like Mortara a platform to share their work and broaden poetry’s audience. Mortara’s piece gives us a glimpse into their personal life, but also showcases what can be expressed through poetry. If you enjoyed Mortara’s performance, you can subscribe to Button Poetry for more content and support them using the link available on their page.

The Poem

Mortara’s poem “Discover What You Need to Know Before Dating Me” is a vulnerable and heartfelt piece. They begin by talking about being off Prozac and how it affects their life. This may be a warning sign for some people who are not familiar with mental health struggles. It is essential to understand mental illness can impact someone’s life and to have empathy towards them.

The speaker then goes on to use metaphors to describe their experiences, mentioning their bed being a black hole and how they cannot climb out. This may be a sign of depression or anxiety, which are common mental health issues. It’s critical to take note of this as it takes effort to understand and support someone who is struggling with mental health challenges.

The poem continues as the speaker mentions being “too dangerous to know that kind of speed”. This might be referring to the speaker’s past, which could be characterized by impulsive behaviors or addiction. It’s vital to see this warning sign because it’s truly a danger to the person and those around them. The speaker is sharing this information to prevent someone from being hurt.

Mortara then talks about trying to teach their tongue to forget how it tastes. This could mean they are working to let go of a past experience, such as a relationship, friendship, or family event that affected them negatively. It can also imply they are trying to move forward and create a new narrative. This may be something to consider when dating the speaker, as it may impact their behavior and intimacy.

Bullet Points

Some of the key takeaways from “Discover What You Need to Know Before Dating Me” include:

  • The speaker is off Prozac, indicating they struggle with mental health challenges.
  • The speaker uses metaphors to describe their experiences, which might require empathy and understanding to decipher.
  • The speaker warns us of a past characterized by impulsive behavior and addiction.
  • The speaker is trying to move forward from a previous experience that impacted them negatively.


Dating is never easy, but giving ourselves and others the necessary information can create a more meaningful relationship. In Mortara’s performance, we gained insights into what we should know before dating them. If you or someone you are dating has been through mental health challenges, impulsive behaviors, and addiction, it’s critical to understand their struggles and be supportive. If someone is working through past experiences, it’s essential to give them space and support emotionally. Understanding and empathy are key to maintaining a good relationship.


  1. Does Mortara’s performance give us any warning signs for mental health challenges?
  • Yes, Mortara mentions being off Prozac, which suggests they have mental health issues.
  1. Is it essential to empathize with someone struggling with mental health?
  • Yes, empathy is crucial to understanding and supporting someone who has mental health issues.
  1. Why is Mortara warning us of their past?
  • Mortara wants to protect themselves and anyone they may date from being hurt due to their past impulsivity and addiction.
  1. What is Mortara trying to forget according to the poem?
  • Mortara is trying to forget a past experience that impacted them negatively.
  1. How can we be supportive of someone who is working through past experiences?
  • We can offer them space, understanding, and emotional support to enable them to process the past and move forward.

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