Discover the Mesmerizing Sounds of Aris Kian’s “Away With the Son

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Welcome to our blog post where we invite you to embark on a captivating musical journey filled with the mesmerizing sounds of Aris Kian’s latest release, “Away With the Son”. Get ready to immerse yourself in a sonic experience like no other as we delve into the intricacies of this talented artist’s spellbinding music. From soulful melodies to raw emotions, Aris Kian’s music has the power to transport you to a universe where every note resonates with passion and authenticity. Join us as we dive deep into the enchanting world of “Away With the Son” and uncover the magic behind Aris Kian’s extraordinary talent.

Discover the Mesmerizing Sounds of Aris Kian’s “Away With the Son”


In the world of spoken word and performance poetry, Aris Kian is a name that swiftly rises to the top. His commanding presence and captivating delivery have earned him accolades, admiration, and a loyal following. One of his most notable performances was at the 2020 WoWPS (Women of the World Poetry Slam) in Dallas, TX. With his powerful words and poignant storytelling, Aris Kian took the audience on a journey that left them spellbound.

Showcasing the Power and Diversity of Voices in the Community

Button Poetry, the organization behind WoWPS, is committed to developing spoken word and performance poetry. They provide a platform for artists like Aris Kian to showcase their talent and share their unique perspectives. Through their events and online presence, they aim to broaden poetry’s audience and foster cultural appreciation.

The Fear of Having a Son and Birthing a Moon Instead

In his performance of “Away With the Son,” Aris Kian delves into the depths of human emotions and vulnerabilities. He explores the fear that many parents experience, particularly when expecting a son. With poetic prowess, he crafts a narrative that expresses the hope for a son to be like a moon, buried before the world.

The Significance of Night as the Opposite of Sun

Through his words, Aris Kian highlights the significance of night as the opposite of the sun. He draws parallels between the complexities of life and the duality of light and darkness. This exploration takes the audience on a thought-provoking journey, evoking a range of emotions and stirring introspection.

Hoping for a Son to be Like a Moon, Buried Before the World

Aris Kian’s performance delves into the desire for a son to be like a moon, buried before the world. This metaphorical representation resonates deeply with the audience, as it reflects the hidden potential and untapped talents that often remain undiscovered. The imagery created by Aris Kian’s words lingers long after the performance ends, leaving a lasting impact.

The Impact of His Light Reaching the Ground Long After Death

Even in the darkness and silence, the moon continues to hold a mesmerizing allure. Aris Kian beautifully captures this essence in his performance. Through his words, he conveys the idea that even after death, the impact of one’s light can continue to reach the ground. This powerful message serves as a reminder of the lasting legacy we leave behind and the profound influence we have on others.


Aris Kian’s “Away With the Son” is a mesmerizing performance that takes the audience on a poetic journey of emotions and introspection. Through his words, Aris Kian showcases the power and diversity of voices in the spoken word and performance poetry community. Button Poetry’s commitment to developing and promoting artists like Aris Kian is a testament to their dedication to broadening poetry’s audience and fostering cultural appreciation.


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