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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Discipline yourself every day.

Spoken by Jocko Willink, Andy Frisella.

Music: Quantum Field by Really Slow Motion.

No one's coming to lift the weights for you. No one's coming to study for you. No one's coming to put in the hours for you. No one's coming
to do all the hard work for you. You have to do it yourself. Are you making yourself better? Or are you making yourself worse? Are you moving forward
or are you moving back? Are you making progress? Or are you stagnating? Every
little Decision
you make Counts. So when you make your decision
make the right decision. The price of regret
is much harder Than the price of discipline. The discipline weighs ounces. The regret weighs tons. If you want to live a happy
healthy, successful life You've got to pick to go through the pain
now And enjoy the peace later. Do not fall victim
to the short term gratification That is whispering in your ear. Telling you, "five more minutes is fine." "You can sleep in." "You can eat that"
"just this once." "You can take the day off." "You deserve to take a break." Shut that voice down. If you do what is easy
your life will be hard. But if you do what is hard
your life Will be easy. Your habits are the building blocks of your
life. It's what you do
every single day

That matters
more than anything. Doing things that are a break from your routine
are gonna require force. So you have to force yourself
to be uncomfortable. Get out of your head. Get out of your feelings. Your feelings are screwing you over. If you listen to how you feel
you'll never get it Because you'll never feel like doing it. Decide you'll do it no matter what. Commit yourself to the regime. You get up
when you're supposed to get up. You study
when you're supposed to study. You go to the gym, when you're supposed to
go to the gym. You work, when you're supposed to work. You do whatever it is
you told yourself you were gonna do Long after the mood you said it in has left. If you don't control your mind
and your mind controls you, You're f*cked. You gotta take control
and tell your brain Where you want to go and what you want to
do. Because if you don't
you will always be a loser. You gotta decide that you're gonna do something
and you gotta do it every day of the f*cking Week. The problem with some of you
you just hope that good stuff is gonna happen To you. You gotta get up and make sh*t happen. You guys don't have unlimited time here. The world isn't gonna stop
and time isn't gonna stop. Guess what? That's the way life is. You don't have enough time. You gotta make time. Those at the top who become the best
they don't let too many terrible days Create negative momentum for themselves.

They're obsessed about stacking great
productive days Back to back to back to back. Because they know if you do that
the level of momentum created after a year Two years, three years, five years
ten years of doing this Becomes so massive
that you start creating automatic wins Based on your daily routines. Because it's not easy
for you to continously have a packed schedule Day after day after day after day after day
without you winning. All in is not 50%. All in is not 60 hours a week. All in is not
"I worked a saturday twice a month." All in is not "I missed one birthday party." All in
is all f*cking in. You better learn
to get really really used To being uncomfortable. Because nothing great
comes From a position of comfort. Everything
worthwhile Everything
that matters Everything
that is great Comes
from being In a position of uncomfortable. Nothing worthwhile
is easy to get. Nothing worthwhile
can you get By not being uncomfortable. Everything's going to make you uncomfortable
get f*cking used to it. And if you can get used to being uncomfortable
your f*cking limits Are
non-existent. Take control of your feelings. Take control of your emotions. Take control of your job. Take control of your problems. Take control of your future. And take control
of your life.

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