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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

David Meltzer, Multi-Millionaire Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and former CEO of Leigh Steinberg, delivers on of the Best Motivational Speeches on Kindness.
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We travelled to Orange County LA to exclusively interview and film David Meltzer in his hometown. David Meltzer is the Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire. He built a company in a few short years worth BILLIONS of dollars and at one point was worth over 100 million dollars personally. His life’s mission is to empower OVER 1 BILLION people to be happy! This simple yet powerful mission has led him on an incredible journey to provide one thing: VALUE. In all his content and communication that’s exactly what you’ll receive.

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David Meltzer

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First thing I tell people is you can’t Find outside of you what you can’t find Inside of you and so I like to ask Myself open-ended questions what are you Doing today that you like what are you Doing today that you don’t like How can I be of service or value to that Meaning to make those changes or who Sits in a situation that I want to be in To give me directions on how to heal That you need to elevate others to Elevate yourself but also you need Others to elevate you to elevate you It’s amazing so so many people live Their lives like tubes food in food out Paycheck in paycheckout or Camus the Stranger the myth of Sisyphus push the Boulder to the top of the hill every day Just to have it roll it down to the Bottom because they have no coherence They can’t remember what’s important to Them and then they can’t do it I’ve Created coherence practices and then Effectuating the Mind Body and Soul Through mindset hard set and handset in Order to be efficient effective and Statistically successful in those Practices see prioritization the Antidote to procrastination and feeling Overwhelmed is a matter of understanding What’s important to you when you have Your non-negotiables you already get the Most important things every day done but Now according to circumstance I get the

Next most important thing and I can make Decisions like this because I already Know what’s important personally Experientially giving and receiving wise Every day in a trajectory that scares The out of everyone else even me For the future because it’s unlimited so When I tell you when I meet you the First time hey what do you do oh I’m Going to change the world People are scared of me and I tell them How I’m going to do it I’m going to Empower people to be happy to make a lot Of money help a lot of people and have a Lot of fun over a billion people by the Way they’re even more scared of me it’s Not a low bar no but it shouldn’t be Because there’s no limitations in the Future but people don’t do it The Laffy Escoffa you make fun of you and guess What when you do it they’ll applaud you That’s all I want on my on my tombstone He was kind first of all look up And then breathe think about what you Want think about how you can help and Who can help you And then start thinking about how And then prioritize that very first step Prioritize that very first day start Thinking about what you want and Continue every day enjoying that Consistently persistently in the pursuit Of your potential also have an open mind I promise you each day will become

Easier it will aggregate upon itself and Pretty soon you too will be an overnight Success What do you hope your legacy is kindness It’s simple if that’s all I want on my On my tombstone he was kind I got it’s Funny because I get choked up telling People because it means that it means More to me than what other people see Kind to your future self kind to Everyone is not easy I walk by trash I Pick it up because it’s kind I smile at People I literally live in kindness and I know it comes through me I tell people All the time to say why you cry Especially my kids make fun of me dad Why you cry so easy because crying to me Is like perspiration when I work out too Hard my body tries to cool itself down Well when I have too much energy flowing Through me too much truth inspiration And emotion the only way that I can Allow it to come out is to to cry to Allow my emotions to come out that’s how Important kindness is to me so I would Please everyone if you could do anything Be kind to your future self and just do Good deeds I promise you everything you Desire will manifest itself I tell people life is so simple today Because of the size scope and scale of Access that we have we don’t have to Write you can DM them you can email them You can call them this wasn’t available

When we were working for the Oilers or Wherever and why is that important Because I teach kids especially just Look for the open mind How do you find an open mind smile at Someone if they smile back they have an Open mind tell them you like their Clothes tell a woman you like their Purse or their shoes if they smile they Have an open mind it takes a thousand Times the effort to convert or to Transition or re-engineer or close mind In an open mind and remember this Everybody has an open mind some of the Time some people almost all the time Some people almost never but if you Catch someone who has a close mind when It’s open it’s really valuable so Qualify people by open minds they have Open Hearts and open hands and guess What they surround themselves with People with Open Hearts open hands and Open minds which allows you to create Two types of people in your neighborhood People who help you and people that know Someone that can help you nothing can Help you more so many people that are Full of hate condition judgment ego they Don’t understand they’re in search of Something they already have most people Will tell you when they’re in that Mindset I need to get more money I need To get more healthy I need to get more Worthy I need to get more happy

Because they’re full of heat If I can teach them not only to look Within and heal but also to have faith And then finally to say wait a second if I am connected to and through the Greatest source power omniscient all Knowing omnipresent power that loves me More than my mom Then I am happy I am healthy I am wealthy I am worthy I Just got to figure out what I’m doing to Interfere with it and this hate Is interfering with my truth my Potential my love the light and the Lessons of the journey that I’ve been Blessed with with full appreciation Acknowledgment and the ability to dream And to ask for more so many people waste 80 percent of their time on things that Bleed them I reconcile my time with Gratitude saying yes there’s light love And lessons in everything every Interview every circumstance event and Every person and idea but is it worth my Time therefore I’m feeding that which Feeds me not getting bled And it allows me to be more productive Accessible and gracious people will say To you when you talk about David Meltzer I don’t know how that guy does it he’s One of the most active people I’ve ever Said they might even call me busy I hate That word because busy means unavailable I’m accessible but I’m only utilizing

Two hours and 17 minutes to be Non-negotiable that leaves 21 hours and 43 minutes to do whatever the f I want And so how do I prioritize the other 21 hours and 43 minutes now remember I’m Still more active just having a minimum Amount of time 270 minutes I have all my Prioritized things guaranteed done every Day I’ll always be healthy I’ll always have Great family and I’ll always utilize my Time effectively now all I got to do is Have what I want who I can help who can Help me how best to get that done and Then I’ll be able to prioritize because I always know what’s important to me and I always know how to re-prioritize it I’m on a mission to empower over a Billion people to be happy I’m looking For a thousand people through all that That I do Podcast The Playbook my movies my TV Show my speeches my books I’m giving Them all away for free for one reason I’m looking for a thousand people that Will study pay attention and give Attention to the lessons the principles The practices that I teach so that they Can carry it Forward they can Empower a Thousand to empower a thousand people Who think I’m crazy when I say I’m going To change the world create a collective Consciousness of over a billion people To be happy how am I going to do it a

Thousand people like you that will Empower a thousand people like you so That a thousand of you will Empower Another thousand to make a lot of money Help a lot of people and have a lot of Fun I have all the books the exercises And the guys that give them away so you Can know your values know your practices In order to effectuate living in a world Of more than enough to have the faith of More than enough to know that there’s Something bigger than you that loves you More than your mom you are all you are All being protected and promoted at all Times there is no punishment pain Setbacks failures mistakes are an Indicator you have a better place to be Allow it to happen learn these lessons Allow me to pay the dummy tax for you And I promise I can do this in my Lifetime Empower a thousand people like You to empower a thousand do a power a Thousand thousand times a thousands of Million million times a thousands a Billion [Music] [Music]

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