Daniel – Stay

Curated By Ralph

"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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Daniel, performing at Camp Bar in Saint Paul, MN.

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There's something to be said about the Girl at the poetry slam that says Battered women play the victim violin That they should pack a bag Just go no more staying or else they'll Just be another statistic that my mom is Just another statistic and the girl at The poetry slam is saying that my mom Should just leave as if he didn't crash Her car or steal all of her money or Drag her back inside by her hair as if You could just stop loving the ocean Despite all of the times it has tried to Drown you like the cycle just ends when The relationship does and for the first Time I don't want to write about this I Don't want to write another poem about My body and how it becomes my mother's Body or how my daddy loved me so much he Kicked my mother's belly when she was Carrying me and is this not love what Else do you call a failed abortion if Not a miracle or a curse you see the Last time I went back to my abuser he Sexually assaulted me again and this is The part of the story where I tell you We weren't dating but we were friends And he never hit me much and this is the Part of the story where I tell you mom I Did everything I could to stay with him Because I didn't want to leave and he Kept begging me to stay with him so I Stayed with him even after he left Because I love the ocean

Because I still love the ocean mom he Left I stayed I didn't leave like you did and to that Girl at the poetry slam that would tell Me oh you're so pretty when you cry and How hard he loves you I'm telling you Right now keep my mother's trauma out of Your I love you mom because my mom is the Reason I can speak out against my abuser I love you mom because every time I Think about killing myself I love you Mom I hear her voice asking me to stay Just a little bit longer I love you mom So before you tell me how weak I am for Staying I'm telling you right now keep My trauma out of your mouth I love you Mom because my mom and I cry and sweat And bleed and grow and rise and survive And rise and rise and rise and rise and Rise and rise and rise and rise and Neither of us are playing a Violin I love you mom [Applause]

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