CONTROL YOUR LIFE – Motivational Speech

Curated By Ralph

"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Don’t let this year slip by. Take control of your life and put yourself on the path to becoming a greater version of you in every way possible.

Spoken by TD Jakes, Dwayne Johnson, Eric Thomas, Andy Frisella, David Goggins.

Music: Toxic by 2WEI.

The real
battleground Is in your mind.
That's where the fight is. You lay down with it
you get up with it You go to work with it.
It's not haters. It's not enemies.
It's not liars. It's not backbiters
that's not the battleground. Stop wasting your weapons on what people say
because it is not what they say about you That matters
it is what you Say about you
that threatens your destiny. You will never be defeated
by what they say about you. You will be defeated
by what you Say
about You.
Let them talk sh*t Because at the end of the day
the haters, the ones who talk sh*t Their way behind talking sh*t to you
who's leading the pack. So let them all talk sh*t
let them all make their noise Because at the end of the day
you are the only one Who has the guts
to go to work and show up Every
single F*cking
day Day in and day out.
You stay intensely focused on it You fight through that fatigue
you fight through the noise On the other side of that
is your greatness. I'm giving you permission
to be great. I'm giving you permission
to be everything You were called to be.
You have to be careful When you hang around average people.
All they're going to do is tell you what they Can't do
and that's okay That they can't do it
but that has absolutely nothing to do with Us.
I cannot step Into the future
and still think in my past. I cannot let
the rumors and the stain Of what they said about me
destroy my opportunity. I gotta kill it tonight.
I gotta destroy it tonight.

I gotta throw it behind me tonight.
I can't drag That same old mess
into another year. Get a f*cking notebook
and write down what the f*ck you're gonna Do this year.
It all starts f*cking today, alright? No more f*cking excuses.
This is the year Of the f*cking soldier.
We're going in like f*cking marines. We're getting back what belongs us.
I'm obsessed with improvement. Every day I'm getting better.
There are those of you with phones And every new phone that comes out, you get
it Every upgrade, you get it
every piece of software, you get it. You are upgrading your technology
and you've not upgraded yourself. There are those of you who are saying
"I wanna be a millionaire." "I wanna be the best at this company." Right?
But your value system says You believe in sleep more than you believe
in grinding. Your value system says
you're a consumer And not a producer.
And you're gonna go to the next level Your values are gonna have to change.
The secret is Make a plan
execute the plan Become obsessed with the plan
and make it your entire life From the time you wake up
to the time you go to bed For 20 f*cking years.
It's the day to day disciplines. It's the eating the meals
doing the workouts Doing the best you can your career
doing the best you can for your family Those are the things
that are gonna create Your superpower
so that you can go through life Being a badass motherf*cker.
There is a perfect time to start. You gotta start now with changing your life.
Stop sitting on the f*cking bench And get in the motherf*cking game.
Let's make this the year Where we stopped that sh*t.
Let's make this the year Where we stopped listening to people
who limit our belief system. Let's make this the year
that we ignore Our friends and our family
who say things to us to humble us And make us be quiet
and sit the f*ck down And become irrelevant.
Let's make this the year

That we step into the greatness
that we all have Inside of us.
F*ck everybody that doesn't believe in us. We will strive.
We will strive To be better.
We will strive to give more. We will strive to be more.
We will strive to do more. We're gonna go out
we're gonna become the best version of ourselves And because of us, this world will change.

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