Celebrating Fatherhood: An Ode to Dads by Ebony Stewart

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Welcome to a heartfelt tribute to fathers around the world. In this blog post, we will delve into the wonderful world of fatherhood and celebrate the unbreakable bond between dads and their children. Join us as we embark on a journey to appreciate the roles, love, and sacrifices of fathers through the poetic lens of Ebony Stewart. Get ready to be inspired, moved, and reminded of the incredible impact that dads have in shaping our lives. Let us rejoice in celebrating fatherhood and pay homage to the unspoken heroes who have touched our hearts in countless ways.


Fatherhood is a topic that holds a special place in our hearts. It can evoke a myriad of emotions, from love and admiration to pain and longing. In the poetry community, one artist stands out in her ability to capture the essence of fatherhood in a truly captivating way. Ebony Stewart, a renowned performance poet, has touched the hearts of many with her powerful spoken word poem about her absent father. Her performance at The Ill List 2023 in Modesto, CA, left the audience in awe and serves as a testament to the impact a father’s presence, or lack thereof, can have on one’s life.

Ebony Stewart’s Commanding Performance

At The Ill List 2023, Ebony Stewart took the stage, ready to share her truth with the audience. Her ability to weave words and emotions together in such a raw and vulnerable manner is truly remarkable. Her performance, often accompanied by a captivating rhythm, draws the audience in and allows them to experience the pain and heartache she endured.

Button Poetry: Providing a Platform for Diverse Voices

Button Poetry, an organization that showcases the diverse voices within the poetry community, recognized Ebony Stewart’s talent early on. They provided her with a platform to share her work and helped her gain recognition throughout the spoken word community. By encouraging and broadcasting the best performance poets, Button Poetry has been instrumental in broadening poetry’s audience and creating cultural appreciation for the art form.

The Impact of Ebony Stewart’s Poem

In her powerful poem, Ebony Stewart reflects on the impact of her father’s absence on her life and writing. Through her words, she delves deep into the emotions tied to his abandonment and the subsequent journey of healing. The poem not only highlights the pain inflicted by her father’s absence but also sheds light on the lessons learned from it.

A Father’s Criticism and Discomfort

One key element of Ebony Stewart’s poem is the exploration of her father’s discomfort with the truth in her writing. As a poet, she uses her words to express her emotions and experiences authentically. However, her father’s criticism reveals his discomfort with facing the reality of their strained relationship. This critique becomes a powerful commentary on the way society often avoids confronting uncomfortable truths.

Reflection and Growth

Ebony Stewart’s poem serves as a reflection on the lessons she learned from the absence and hurt inflicted by her father. Through her powerful words, she demonstrates her resilience and ability to rise above the pain. Her journey of growth and healing serves as an inspiration to others who may be facing similar challenges in their own lives.


Ebony Stewart’s performance at The Ill List 2023 captivated the audience and shed light on the complexities of fatherhood. Her powerful spoken word poem explores the impact of her absent father, revealing the profound role that fathers play in our lives. Through her words, she encourages us to reflect on our own relationships with our fathers and challenges us to confront uncomfortable truths. Ebony Stewart’s ability to convey emotions and experiences through poetry showcases the transformative power of art.

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