Carl Von Clausewitz: Rules on Warfare and Power

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Carl Von Clausewitz was a Prussian general and military theorist who has been labelled as one of the most important classical strategic thinkers. The rules in this video are derived from his famous book ”On War” and have been written by us to accurately summarize his lessons on strategy.

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[Music] Karl von klausowitz was a prussian General and military theorist who’s been Labeled as one of the most important Classical strategic thinkers Early on klausovitz gained first-hand Experience of war when he joined the Prussian military and fought against Revolutionary france In 1801 he was admitted to the institute For young officers in berlin and began His formal military education An opportunity that would set the course For his future academic career His time on the battlefield was still Far from over though where he would Fight for prussia in the napoleonic wars During this period he became an Instructor at the new officers academy And a military tutor to the crown prince Later he would lead one of four prussian Military corps in the final battles that Saw the demise of napoleon With napoleon defeated a relative peace Ensued which allowed klausovitz to Buckle down on military theory He became head of the military academy In berlin where he began writing his Classic text on war The following rules are derived from This book and have been written by us to Accurately summarize his lessons on Strategy If you’d like to learn more laws of

Power then click the link in the Description to get a free audio book of The prince by nicolo machiavelli Without further ado Here are karl von klauserwitz rules on Warfare and power your enemies ability to fight And watch them bend to your will To predict the movements of your Adversaries look to their previous Actions not to some fantasy of how you Would like them to behave Do not delay in warfare until the Objective is achieved unless there is a Clear advantage to waiting To secure a swift victory ensure that The losses your enemy will suffer by Continuing to fight you will far Outweigh those of adhering to your terms Ultimately war is a game of assessing Probabilities and then getting a lucky Roll of the dice one can only make Decisions based on their best judgment The war itself should never distract From its political objective [Music] At some points it may be advantageous to Prolong the war such as seeking to Exhaust the opposition To achieve this Focus on smaller objectives even to the Point of merely self-defense You will use less effort and thus can be Sustained for much longer

[Music] Those who exercise kindness in battle Are often harshly Repaid to achieve your objectives Without having to completely destroy Your opponent’s forces Weaken their resolve by capturing Territories and attacking their military New information scenarios setbacks and Obstacles are constantly presented to The commander in war he must ensure his Mind is aptly prepared to make quick Decisions Whatever is achieved through warfare is Not guaranteed to be absolute The losing side will often continue to Seek victory through politics or other Means human nature tends to air towards Pessimism we often imagine the might of Our opponents to be much larger than it Is [Music] Mathematical calculations should not be Relied upon too heavily In war there are subjective factors to Consider such as human emotion These must not be overlooked in your Deliberations Make allowance for the unforeseen in Your plans and strategies [Music] Even during the bleakest of situations a Commander should intuitively be able to See a way out

They must then have the courage to Follow this inner guidance [Music] Your expenditure should be gauged in Line with what you are aiming to acquire When the war starts becoming more costly Than its potential rewards Peace should ensue If your enemy desires war then this is a Request that cannot be denied to them You will get what you desire through the Destruction of your enemies forces all In making clear the inevitability of Their downfall should they continue to Do battle All of the tactics are a means to this End [Music] A commander should form a connection to The battlefield they need to understand The large effect even small nuances in The terrain can have as they become Familiar with their environment they can Begin to use it to their advantage [Music] The man of character seldom changes his Mind because he has faith in his own Judgment [Music] The effective commander is able to see Things from a drawn out perspective The bigger picture is at the forefront Of their mind [Music]

Defending forces have the advantage [Music] The presence of a commander should be Constantly felt and evoke a feeling of Courage within his men Since it is impractical to deploy all Forces at once warfare becomes a game of Estimating how much pressure to apply to Each given scenario A commander should be unshaken by the Turbulence of warfare A stable mind is much more effective Than an unstable one [Music] A prince therefore being compelled Knowingly to adopt the beast ought to Choose the fox and the lion because the Lion cannot defend himself against Snares and the fox cannot defend himself Against wolves Therefore it is necessary to be a fox to Discover the snares and a lion to Terrify the wolves

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