Brenna Twohy – “Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them” [3 of 3] #shorts

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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I thought this is just like the movies I Know a slaughterhouse when I see one it Looks like websites and seminars Teaching you how to [ __ ] more [ __ ] Looks like 15 year old boys bullied for Being virgins it looks like the man who Did not flinch when I said stop and he Heard try harder if you play act at Butchery long enough You grow used to the sounds of the Screaming it is just a side effect of Industry everything gets cut into small Marketable pieces I will not practice Bloody hands I will not make believe Dissected women my sex cannot be Packaged my sex is Magic it is part of a Bigger story I am whole I exist when you Are not [ __ ] me and I will not be cut Into pieces anymore Thank you [Applause]

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