Breeze – Split

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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Breeze, performing at IWPS 2019 in San Diego, CA.

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She was like hey I got a question what's the difference Between frederick And brees you know i never really Thought of there being a What what i would i would ask you i Would i would answer First i have to know which one of us you Think you talking to wait wait wait wait I got I got a question what's the difference Between a therapist and a nosey person Just trying to screw With my head right because you Know you're not a therapist so that Would make you a nosey person just Trying to screw With my frederick always gets like This he protects everything he wants to Give People from people he's like a guard dog That would love to play fetch he just Refuses to let go of the stick or his Heart Or his demons i mean he wants people to See him he just doesn't want to be Exposed he's very abstract art paints Passion with how he loves but can only Picture the pain And broken that loving heart has always Left him with so All you end up with is this beautifully Shattered open Wound beating and the canvas of his i

Don't really know how to explain it Right but It does remind me of this movie i see oh Okay oh okay you want to talk about Breeze then A poet who puts love in his art thinks Writing is his heart's form of freedom But that's so stupid he's not free just Because he can cleverly articulate his Chains You know you know what's so stupid how He takes his shoes off on stages if the Space be safe and sacred for him but There's nothing safe About bleeding pretty for people who Aren't gonna help you clean up the mess You make Of yourself they can't go in poet and They never even consider how the You'll get out i get it though Why he's so guarded i mean he hates Being misunderstood and no one tries to Understand they just sit comfortable And the assumptions use him as a Scapegoat to justify How badly they treat him i watch him be Caution taped into a cage Quite often it's crazy i look at him now And i can't tell if he's a murder victim Or a suicide weapon all i can tell you Is that it's killing our heart and it's So sad Because honestly that's the best part The movie where this guy kidnaps a

Couple girls And he uh has a bunch of different Personalities living in his um unknown Uh okay okay you want to bruise breezes Openness to expose how closed i seem how Let's explore that shower this this Openness Only makes him a gun range a target a Bullseye For rightful rhetoric he doesn't Understand that love is a fighting word Why the you think the heart is the Size of a fist in the first place Honestly he's so weak i'm tired I'm tired of him calling me weak he Doesn't understand his strength it takes To hold On to anything honestly he's just a Coward who messes his strength on how Far He can push everything a breeze is just A buffet a trauma offering himself up For everyone To pick through our scars they get full Of our faults and leave without ever Finishing a place that all is Left or the tables dirty from the scraps Of us They always leave behind they always Leave us Behind split split split that's the name Of the movie split the point Anyway anyway uh i don't really know how To answer this question

All i can tell you is that there is such A difference i hope there's someone out There who can just love Just love all of [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Me

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