Blythe Baird’s Powerful Spoken Word: Unveiling the Journey of “When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny

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Welcome to our blog post, where we delve into the captivating world of spoken word poetry and share insights into the remarkable journey behind Blythe Baird’s powerful piece, “When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny.” As an influential spoken word artist, Baird fearlessly examines society’s perception of body image and dives deep into her personal struggle with an eating disorder. Join us as we uncover the raw emotions, thought-provoking narratives, and impactful messages that make Baird’s work a force to be reckoned with. Get ready to be inspired by the poetic genius that unveils the transformative power of self-acceptance and love.

Blythe Baird’s Powerful Spoken Word: Unveiling the Journey of “When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny”


In the world of spoken word poetry, few artists have captivated audiences like Blythe Baird. Her thought-provoking performances have earned her a devoted following and have shed light on important social issues. One of her most powerful and impactful poems is “When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny,” which explores the journey of a young woman navigating the complexities of her weight and the societal pressures that come with it. In this article, we will delve into the emotional depths of Baird’s performance and its significance in amplifying diverse voices in the poetry community.

Button Poetry Showcases Diverse Voices in the Poetry Community

Button Poetry, a platform known for promoting spoken word artists, has been instrumental in giving a platform to poets like Blythe Baird. By offering a platform to diverse voices, Button Poetry has significantly contributed to the growth and representation of different perspectives in the poetry community. Baird’s performance is a testament to the inclusivity and power of such platforms.

Encourages and Broadcasts the Best Performance Poets

Button Poetry not only showcases diverse voices but also encourages and broadcasts the best performance poets. The skill and talent of artists like Blythe Baird are unrivaled, and by providing a platform for them to showcase their work, Button Poetry has become a hub for exceptional performances. “When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny” perfectly exemplifies the depth and impact that spoken word poetry can have on its audience.

Aims to Expand Poetry’s Audience and Cultural Appreciation

One of Button Poetry’s primary goals is to expand poetry’s audience and cultural appreciation. By embracing different art forms and utilizing platforms like YouTube, Button Poetry has successfully reached a wider audience. Baird’s performance, which can be watched at the provided YouTube link, has garnered millions of views. The emotional journey she takes the audience on serves as a prime example of the power of spoken word in captivating and engaging listeners.

Subscription Available for More Spoken Word and Performance Poems

For those seeking more spoken word and performance poetry, Button Poetry offers a subscription service. By subscribing, individuals can access a treasure trove of engaging and thought-provoking content, including performances by artists like Blythe Baird. This subscription allows poetry enthusiasts to support and stay connected with their favorite poets while discovering new voices within the community.

Support for Button Poetry is Appreciated

Button Poetry relies on support from its audience to continue promoting and amplifying diverse voices within the poetry community. Whether it’s through subscriptions, donations, or sharing their content, supporting Button Poetry can have a significant impact on the growth and representation of spoken word poetry.

The Poem Discusses Experiences with Weight and Eating Disorders

“When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny” delves into the deeply personal experiences of Baird herself, exploring her struggles with weight and eating disorders. The raw vulnerability portrayed in this performance allows listeners to empathize and connect with the emotional complexities she faced. Through her words, Baird humanizes an often stigmatized issue, shedding light on the internal battles individuals face when it comes to body image.

Highlights Societal Perceptions of Beauty and Illness

Baird’s poem also highlights the societal perceptions of beauty and illness. She challenges the shallow standards set by society and delves into the detrimental effects they have on individuals’ mental and physical well-being. By sharing her own journey, Baird exposes these toxic narratives and encourages listeners to question the narrow definition of beauty imposed upon us by society.


Blythe Baird’s spoken word performance, “When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny,” is a powerful testament to the transformative power of poetry and the importance of diverse voices in the arts. Through her raw vulnerability and unfiltered emotions, Baird exposes the complexities of weight, body image, and societal expectations. Button Poetry’s platform has played a vital role in amplifying her voice and countless others within the poetry community. By supporting Button Poetry and artists like Blythe Baird, we can continue to uplift and celebrate the captivating art form of spoken word.


  1. Q: How can I watch Blythe Baird’s performance of “When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny”?
    A: You can watch Blythe Baird’s performance at the provided YouTube link.

  2. Q: Does Button Poetry offer more spoken word and performance poetry?
    A: Yes, Button Poetry offers a subscription service that provides access to a wide range of spoken word and performance poems.

  3. Q: How can I support Button Poetry?
    A: You can support Button Poetry by subscribing to their content, making donations, or sharing their work with others.

  4. Q: What social issues does Blythe Baird’s performance address?
    A: Blythe Baird’s performance addresses issues related to weight, body image, and societal perceptions of beauty and illness.

  5. Q: Why is diversity important in the poetry community?
    A: Diversity is important in the poetry community as it allows for different perspectives and experiences to be heard, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of various social and cultural issues.

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