BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT – Motivational Speech

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Everything you need to become what you want to be is already inside of you. You just have to be willing to go through the ups and down to bring it out into the world.

Spoken by Les Brown, Greg Plitt, TD Jakes, Eric Thomas.

Music: Past In Flames by Secession Studios.

All of us have seen our destiny
at some point in time And we decided
not to listen We decided
to ignore it And say, no, that's not for me
life came in and slapped us upside the head And we stopped dreaming anymore. The impulse to dream
has been slowly beaten out of me Through the experience of life. And that's what causes many of us to give
up The experiences and the challenges
the defeats, the disappointments and the failures Of life. That we decide to
prematurely Throw in the towel on ourselves
or to sell out on our true potential Sell out on living
our dreams. The reality of life
whatever that truth is It's not as powerful
as the perception on how you see it. No matter what happens
it's the perception how you see it. I'm talking to you about elevated thinking. I'm talking about thinking in heavenly places. I'm talking about getting above the storm,
you eagle. Stop talking to me about the storm and the
recession And what's going on in the economy. That's the blue jays and robins and sparrows. Eagles fly above the storm. They don't read the weather report
they don't even care. Get above it. There is a way
to get above The storm
in your life. You gotta reason inside of yourself
I'm better than this. I'm stronger than this. I will survive this. I can live my dream. I can find my purpose in life. I deserve more for myself. This is not gonna be it for my life.

I deserve more than this. See, that will start making you do some stuff. And when I started changing that kind of mindset
of beating myself up because of my mistakes And start looking at the possibility
of my doing better Of my making the adjustment
that would enable me to do what I wanna do Successfully
things begin to change. Nobody can do you
like you do you. You are in a class all by yourself. Nobody. You'd be shocked
what you could do if you would know what I Just said
if you would just breathe in what I just said. You wouldn't be so insecure
you wouldn't be so intimidated You wouldn't be so vulnerable. There will never be another you. You are in a class all by yourself. You got a voice like nobody
you got a fingerprint like nobody You got thoughts like nobody
you are in a class All by yourself. You are one
of a kind. You can
if you believe you can. It is how you think about yourself. Because if you think wrong
you go wrong. If you think down
you go down. If you think you can't get up
you can't get up. If you think you can't be free, you can't
be free. If you think you can't learn anymore
you will never be able to learn. Your thoughts are either dragging you down
or taking you up. Change the way you see yourself
and begin to attend to the personal details. Understand that nobody's gonna take care of
your business Better than you. You're gonna have to want it
you're gonna have to want it bad. I want my head back
I'm tired of being drunk with grief And pain
and frustration. I'm tired of going around in circles.

I've wasted life. I've gotta be smarter than I've ever been
in my life. You have to live
the law of expectation. You have to expect your life to be better
than it was And it will be. There is no reason why it won't be. I want you to throw off
discouragement Doubt
depression Bitterness
distraction Foolishness
woe be unto you If you go into another year
and waste another year With the old mentality
while somebody's in the hospital Begging god
for the opportunity that you have right now. You better step into this moment. I'm challenging you to change
the way you talk to you. I need you to look yourself in the face
and I need you to repeat after me: This is my life. These are my dreams. I can have
whatever I want to have. I can be
whatever I want to be. I can go
wherever I want to go. I can do
whatever I'm bold enough Whatever I'm big enough
whatever I'm strong enough to dream And what I need to do it
is already inside of me. My goals
will not be defeated My dreams
will not be defeated I will not be destroyed. I will defend what's rightfully mine. These are my dreams. This is my life. And from this day forward
I Will
live it.

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