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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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For some of you are holding on to some Real good memories that are no longer Current memories [Music] Then you need to let them go So that you can get what's next Life doesn't get any easier it doesn't Get more forgiving We just get stronger and we get more Resilient Tenacity it takes to face your Inadequacies and continue to try try try That's where we've succeeded If you're going to understand the Program of resiliency we are going to Have to stop running from difficult Times stop praying that the storm will Pass over you and pray to grow Stop going around it go through it what You go through you will grow through Some fights are not one in the first Round Some of you are so ignorant you've been Through so much hell you gonna quit now We gonna put in work because every time You put in work you get the same Consequences you get paid you get Rewarded You out there dealing with the real World it ain't pretty you got to have Artists get some hearts If you are going to give and grow and Evolve and attain and become everything Rises and falls on your Viewpoint if you

Want more money if you want a promotion If you want to leave a legacy you got to Increase [Music] You can't stay where you are and think Things around you're gonna grow And then that's going to put you in a Far more powerful position to People that are successful they can self Sue they can stay You just do what you got to do on this One and then you look back when it's all Over and you see the rewards you look Back and you see the accomplishments you Don't count it you just look back and You see that you succeeded That thing tells you to quit you look at It in his eye and say I ain't going Nowhere I will break you before you Break me do you understand listen you Got through that you got put through That because what that does that tension Produces greatness Perspective is everything let's go I Need you to hear me loud and clear how You see this thing is everything You cannot Change the past But you can't change your perspective About it This is a mentality like you gotta live This You Gotta Eat This you got every Single thing you do It's a mentality

More to the next level is about the W The O the r and the K baby it's about Work When mentally you want it in your spirit In your soul when you want it it will Happen Some of you are holding on Some real good memories that are no Longer current memories and you need to Let them go So that you can get what's next So we're gonna do we're gonna get the Right information and then we're gonna Get narrow focused and boom we're gonna Go for it are you hearing what I'm Saying that's it many of you will not be Successful because you've got this giant Goal and no steps to go with it you're Just in your mind like girl it's my year How many steps I don't know like what is It going to take for you to do it I Don't know I just know this is my year Can I be real with you if you can't Measure it it ain't real [Music] Keep your dreams phenomenal keep your Vision phenomenal keep it phenomenal and Now I need you to get your weight up as An individual I need you to get your Schedule up I need you to get your life Up I need to get your words up I need You to get your heart up I need to get Your action up I need you to get to a place that every

Single thing that you do is phenomenal So that the life you want to live you Can actually live that life You lay hold of it and when that thing Tells you to quit you look at it in his Eye and say I ain't going nowhere I will Break you before you break me you will Not defeat me you will not destroy me Some of you are so ignorant you've been Through so much hell you won't quit now [Music] Why did my mama Die Why did I get fired Do you understand listen you got through That you got put through that because What that does that tension produces Greatness Stop running from it and run to it Stop telling me what you're going Through the greats they get to it they Go through it and the harder it is the Better We gonna put in work because every time You put in work you get the same Consequences you get paid you get Rewarded You out there dealing with the real World it ain't pretty you got to have Hearts get some heart If I send you Obsession what's that mean To you uh it means wanting to succeed as Bad as I want to breathe you know I'm Saying it's like whatever it is I say I Want I want it like air you know and air Is one of those things that you know

Because people are saying why you say Why you say air like why you say because You go without that for a few seconds my Friend it's a wrap it's done so there Are people who want stuff but you kind Of want it or you want it bad but you Don't want it as bad as you want to Breathe so to me obsession is wanting Something so bad that you know I go to Bed when I wake up to it I make whatever Sacrifice I grind like it's like I can't Live without it and so there are people Who fantasize romanticizing about stuff But like they're not obsessed with it You saw my t-shirt no alarm clock needed My passion wakes me up I got up at three O'clock this morning no clock I didn't Use the clock in 20 years my passion Wakes me up my drive wakes me up my Determination was my ability to be doing Half whatever I want it wakes me up what Wakes you up what drives you why are you Playing this game most of you have not Gotten started yet because you trying to Get other people to invest in your stuff Bet on you put all your money on you Cause guess what when you spending Somebody else money it's easy to walk Away from it and the problem with some Of you you've been told you was number One Telling you what I'm telling you today Because I'm gonna need you to get your Roots because if your roots are strong

If your roots are strong have you been To Miami have you seen the Hurricanes That blew the houses down but the trees Still Standing the way the tree grows is It goes down first to the Bedrock it Goes down first then come up most of Y'all just came up and you look just as Sweet as a tree into a storm come We all look the same y'all we all look The same until the Storm come and I'm Telling you what they're about to teach You is going to make you money What I'm telling you is get your Character right because I want to make Sure your character can hold all that Stuff you're about to get You ain't got no standards that's why You can't blow up there's a certain Level you can't get to when you Can't get to the next level because Every time somebody draws something in Front of your face you give up don't you Know you more attractive when you can Say no when they know you got values You think you just gonna change the game You just gonna change the rules it don't Work like that there's a standard to Greatness and his levels to this I can tell you everything I've done the Only thing I can't do is grind for you That's the only thing I care but I'm Gonna tell you all the secrets I'm gonna Give you all the secrets to my success But if I'm giving you all the secrets to

My success and they're mine and I'm Getting up at three what time in the World you're gonna have to get up You have a gift You need to find out what it is you own Some like you picking stuff that other People picking you're trying to do what Other people trying to do I love people That's going to be engineered y'all go Ahead and do that y'all got to compete With each other I love when somebody Said they want to be a doctor go ahead And compete with them a lot of people Say they want to be lawyers go ahead and Compete with the about a million kids Want to be lawyers it ain't a whole Bunch of them that want to pour into People and serve I got you beat all day Go take those professions So I'm gonna take my personality what I've been giving and I'm gonna milk it Even though the wall doesn't necessarily Value it and that's some of your problem It's some stuff some of y'all doing you Don't even want to do that you want the Affirmation that comes from doing that And let me tell you something when You're not right you're gonna keep Attracting that kind of stuff You're Gonna Keep attracted I'm just being real You're gonna attract men who can peep Out that you ain't you ain't there right Now once you fix it and get it healed I Told you I walk in corporate now and I

Know they don't want me there but I'm Still here I'm here and they know you Can do about it and you gotta sit here And listen to me for the next hour and Even though you don't like my hat I love Me and even though you don't love my Shoes I love me and even though you Don't like my shorts I love me so much That you gonna love me when I get about This joint and you gonna say I'm the Best motivational speaker that ever Lived So number one you gotta do me a favor When you become a millionaire you'll Have a million dollars But the reason why you don't have a Million dollars because you think like Somebody in poverty so if I was look I Told somebody I love dearly who said They needed more money I said for what Would you do with it you'd only spend it You would only spend it pretending it'd Be something that you not that's all you Would do is spend it so why would you What you're not gonna ever make it Because you're a slave to it so when You're no longer a slave to money that's When you start making money You feel me so once you become a Millionaire and you got to find out what That means that don't mean you got money In the bank that's not what a Millionaire is a millionaire has a way That they think

I want you to go look in a jar and There's a jar to save money I want you To see if you mastered your bank account Keep looking at the money and say I mean The same thing I made last week what Does that mean you didn't grow If you make the same money next month The month after if your bank account is The same in June don't fool yourself Into thinking you're a good person You didn't Master it because you got the Same amount of money in there so it Means you you're not whatever you will Never get fired when you master so do me A favor when you put it in the jar Don't just look at the job look at the Jar and say if I'm not doing good in This subject then what does that mean You feel me What do you want in your marriage what Do you want with your son and your Daughter what do you want in your health What do you want financially like how Much money do you want to make a year What do you want to drive how do you Want to live stop just waking up like an Accident what do you want and then once You find out what you want spend the Rest of your natural life waking up and Going after it Some of y'all you got an ego problem you Like to be around people who are Inferior to you you don't like to be Around people who are going to challenge

You iron sharpens iron so do it one man Sharpen another you hate to be around People who are I like to be around People who drive nicer cars than me who Are smarter than me who are doing things I can't I like to hang with them people Why because they don't stretch me They gonna push me You like to be around people who weak Because you feel comfortable around weak People I dare you to get around some Other lions How dare you Here's what we do know life doesn't get Any easier it doesn't get more forgiving We just get stronger and we get more Resilient one thing I've noticed is that Enthusiasm is common But endurance is where the race is not Given to the strong nor the Swift but it Is given to he that endureth Until the End one thing I know Is that we've all been hit with a Measure of adversity at some point in Our life Everybody listening to me has been hit With a measure of trauma everybody wants Destiny everybody wants manifestation Everybody wants fulfillment everybody Wants the next level and the Relationship and a higher quality of Living but nobody wants to eliminate Distractions nobody wants to disappear For three months four months six months

And and eliminate all distractions and Get it to a place where you can focus on Just you what if you could just shut out Every distraction what if you could just Shut up the world for just a season and Focus on you a man is rewarded in public For what he does in private the reason Why you don't see it the reason why it Has not manifested the reason why you Are so frustrated is because you have Not been willing to forsake all that You've been called to forsake and to Follow through behind closed doors Sure you can talk about it sure you can Plan it sure you can write it down sure You can go to the conference and hear About it you can read about it but at Some juncture you have to disappear and Put the work in and come back and shock Everybody that doubted you Some of you don't even realize you have Unfinished business you need to go back Where you left off with A New Perspective go back to the gym go back To the drawing board go back to the Business go back to the relationship go Back to the burning building you have Unfinished business all you got to do And show up with an game plan and A New Perspective you gotta finish business [Music] You got work to do What happens When your perspective your perception

Diametrically opposes your reality if You are going to give and grow and Evolve and attain and become everything Rises and falls on your Viewpoint Perspective is everything let's go I Need you to hear me loud and clear how You see this thing is everything You cannot change the past But you can't change your perspective About it your Viewpoint is your Advantage your viewpoint Is what changes the game everybody wants Increase in in abundance and lifestyle Change and new zip codes and new area Codes but you only read once a week and You only work out once or twice a month And see the reason why you don't have What it is that you see the reason why What's in your head is not in your hands It's not your reality it's because your Perspective opposes your potential You don't have it because you don't see The value in it if you believe you've Been called to be the Difference Maker The game changer the disrupter the Person that comes into a room and Commands the atmosphere if you believe You've been called to be necessary and Not grossly irrelevant then everything You do Everything you see everything Rises and Falls on your perspective your Perception your Viewpoint how do you see This thing

I see when we get into the prison of Fear because we have fallen in an area Fear has friends one of the chief Friends of fear is doubt And DOW cures more dreams than failure Ever will There are people who have failed in Their head before they even reach the Field So I want to invite you to renounce the Spirit of fear Failure is the only opportunity to begin Again And if I'm talking to anybody that's Hungry for the future all you need is an Opportunity to try again Failing doesn't make you a failure It's something you did it's not who you Are And so one thing we are going to have to Get a crystal clear about is that If I failed Then I can wear I'm talking to that Football team I'm talking to that Baseball team that basketball team I'm Talking to that fighter talking to that Track star I'm talking to that athlete I'm talking to that student I'm talking To the person who failed the exam over And over and over again I'm talking to That individual who feels as though all Hope is lost who feels as though they Gave it their all You are still alive you've got something

Left Thomas Edison he was fired from his First two jobs His teachers coined him Stupid That he couldn't learn anything This is the man who invented the light Bulb the first thousand times he failed But he was never a failure He just found a thousand ways that don't Work You know Thomas Edison you didn't try a Thousand times try a thousand times And then come talk to me and tell me You're not enough tell me you don't have What it takes tell me you're stupid tell Me you're dumb tell me you're slow tell Me you don't have enough Whatever pushed you to the ground Whatever knocked you to the floor From that place I want you to look it in the eye And seal it To that person To that circumstance tell that place Tell whatever it is That knocked you to the floor [Music] You can't keep me here If you're going to understand the Program of resiliency we are going to Have to stop running from difficult Times stop praying that the storm will Pass over you and pray to grow through

The storm stop going around it go Through it what you go through you will Grow through some fights are not one in The first round Flat out in the moment that you get that And you get crystal clear and you accept The fact that there are some Giants that You will not defeat in the first round You need endurance you need stamina to Reach some goals you're not gonna hit The million with the first investment You're not going to hit the Home Run Always at first swing But resiliency says I belong here and I Deserve another shot I want my Opportunity give me my opportunity One-dimensional players aren't in the League one dimensional players ain't in The league What made Michael Jordan Michael Jordan Is he can put up 30 and he can shut your Blood down he can play offense he could Play defense he could play 40 minutes 48 Minutes If you're not where you want to be Financially If you know where you want to be Emotionally if you're not where you want To be physically relationally socially 10 times out of 10 it is because you Have settled in a place called Convenience and most of you in this room Your problem is you're one-dimensional And you're trying to hang your hat on

That so what I'm the number one Motivational speaker in the world am I The number one father in the world my Kids don't care nothing about YouTube My wife don't care nothing about YouTube So what you're the number one Motivational speaker are you the number One husband when you come home cut all That foolishness off and give me me and Your conference says do me a favor you And CJ talking when you get in the Garage you close the garage and when you Come in the house you take E.T the Hip-hop preacher off I want Eric I'm married Eric I didn't marry E.T the Hip-hop preacher If you continue to believe that your Best work is behind you then you will Never achieve what is ahead of you So real quick what you know what you got To let go of write it down right now Let's not play there's an anointing in This place [Music] What do you need to let go of so you can Become one percent Wealth is a mindset is not a dollar Amount [Music] No catch that wealth is a mindset it's Not a dollar amount The wealthy do what the poor won't do But the problem with many of you Is that you got full you gotta

Complacent you got lazy somewhere along The line You lost your enthusiasm your optimism He lost Your hunger so we're going to talk about The wealthy in a minute I want you to Write it all down I told you I wake up At three o'clock in the morning I am Willing to do what others are not Willing to do so I can live like others Would never live Somebody say you get up at three o'clock In the morning why wouldn't Why wouldn't I get up at three o'clock Our ancestors was getting up at three or Four Picking cotton oh you thought they was Getting up at nine You thought they was like you uh picking Cotton today uh we're gonna start at Night and we're gonna start at 9am So just let the sun come up and once the Sun comes up Oh you're gonna you're sick oh you get a Sick day If you want your future You are going to have to get acquainted With pain with discomfort with Inconvenience because hunger is the only Thing that's going to give you the power To persevere through that pain here's What's crazy I in the 1800s I had to have a certain Work ethic just to survive and you have

The opportunity to become Multi-millionaires billionaires and your Work ethic is worked it worse than the People who was forced to work People tell me I'm a boss you're not a Boss you can't even make yourself get up You got a t-shirt I'm a boss but you get Up at 8 30 9 o'clock Bosses are up watching the three o'clock News some of you didn't know the news Came on at three o'clock Cause you watch the six o'clock news you Thought it was that's the first one the First news is at 3 A.M that's the one Warren Buffett on No you're saying Warren Buffett is Warren Buffett because he's a white male Warren Buffett is Warren Buffett because Of where he grew up Warren Buffett is Not Warren Buffett because of where he Grew up Warren Buffett is warm buffer Because what he does he reads six hours A day every day that's 42 dog on hours a Week So when Warren Buffett makes a decision He makes a very wise decision why Because he's making it off of 42 hours a Read you hadn't read nothing you watch You making decisions off the Housewives Of Atlanta Warren Buffett is binging on I was in The room with Warren Buffett he said he Was reading the financial report of GM In 1956 why because that was their best

Year he's binging on GM's Financial Records from 1956 and you binging on Power But but now you saying hey racist They ain't racist when you're watching Power though I don't care if you got to listen to me A thousand times I need you to get Crystal clear about your future because The only reason why you are here the Only reason why you're alive is because You have work to do come on talk back to Me you are not a boss because you got All day to do whatever you want to do And the most you can do is go to work For somebody that you don't like and you Don't care for and dog them out and Complain about them when they're giving You a check They guaranteeing you a check they're Making sure you got health care and you Dogging them out if you don't like what They doing why are you still there go Get your own job [Music] They weren't the only ones that was Blessed And that was fruitful and that could Multiply and that could subdue the Earth And have dominion They not the only ones you can do it too But your problem is you're not a one Percenter because you don't live like a One percenter

You want generational Cycles broken in Your family if you want to be the first To achieve the first to get it done the First to see it the first to do it you Must stay hungry If you can hear my voice you've got work To do You've got a destiny to fulfilled you've Got a purpose to walk into you've got to Test to pass you've got dots to connect Rooms to walk in stay just to stand on And tables to sit down at we all want to Do something we all want to be somebody We all want to go somewhere let's Dispense with the painful conversations Of what happened in your past Celebrate the lessons that you learned In your past Unpack the gift of the present and let The future Be your motivation Everybody is looking to manifest we're All looking to manifest something we'll Lose sleep to manifest and we'll work Two or three jobs to manifest and we'll Study for hours in a day to manifest we Are all looking to manifest something And so there are a few things that we Have to understand In order to Manifest this future the Future when it is no longer a distant Dream Some possibility some idea But it's a very present Target all of a

Sudden Everything Changes And so you may be average you may be Ordinary But you have the opportunity every Single day to make extraordinary Decisions and what you do today Will determine your future the future is Very expensive the currency to get to The Future The bridge that we built it is built on Your daily decisions your habits your Programming the way that you think the Way that you talk the way that you walk Blood Sweat tears sacrifice people that You have to let go sleep that you have To lose multiple jobs that you have to Work hours on end of study beating on Your craft every single day it's not Easy but it's worth it I don't know your name but I know you Have a dream I don't I don't know where You're from or where you're listening to Me you may be listening to me in your Closet your bedroom the gym the car the Bus the Train the plane I don't know Where you're going but I know you are Going somewhere you've got a destination People that make excuses are not Connected to their destination they Don't have an end game they don't have a Goal you have allowed yourself to become A weak link covered under the blanket of Excuses but I'm just wondering if

There's anybody here That has a dream And if you've made your excuses bigger Than your dream the time is now to apply Pressure it may not be easy but it's not Impossible this is not a I feel like it Today this is not an unmotivated for a Week this isn't every single day Mentality you may have to work three Times you may have to lose sleep you may Have to go to college and raise five Children and still maintain your Marriage and work your side hustle I Don't know what your story is but if you Will keep a no excuse mentality then the Sky is not your limit the sky is your Starting point this isn't every single Day mentality I never get turned off Every single day I want my destiny I Want my dream Yes you want the future what's your plan And then the moment that you create the Plan and you've ironed out all the Kinks And you're crystal clear and you've got This plan you've got this aim this Target then you got to stay committed With tears in your eyes you got to be Committed when your brain is hurting you Got to be committed when you haven't Gotten sleep in a few days you got to be Committed you gotta plow through that Depression that heaviness that weariness And you gotta cling to the joy of the Thought of the future that if you finish

This course then there is a reward at The end of this pain you may feel as Though you are not able to breathe now You may be inundated with responsibility And it seems as though there is no way Out of this Bill gonna be times where you give Everything you have And everything that you have is not Enough But you got to have a no quit mentality And so after you've gotten crystal clear After you've created the plan Somebody else's plan may not work for You and so it's not about discovering a Plan it's about creating the plan that Works best for you and once you've Gotten Crystal Clear once you've created That plan then you gotta have a no quit Mentality you cannot stop every single Day you're executed period number three You gotta practice gratitude and radical Kindness We need to practice gratitude you have To be grateful for the ground that You've gained and guard the ground that You've gained celebrate the small wins If we keep looking at the big picture if We keep looking at the end game if That's all we fix our eyes on then we'll Get off kilter we'll lose our footing And we'll walk around discouraged Because you're not going to just wake up In one day and fulfill Destiny it's the

Process that's perfecting us it's the Ends and the outs and the nuances it's The song and the dance between Destiny And the journey and the process and the Promise and we've got to learn how to Execute the day give us this day we Gotta learn how to execute the day that You conquer the day what is it that you Can do today to get closer to the Fulfillment of that future to get closer To the manifestation of of the future What are you doing today what are you Giving today the truth of the matter is How are you so emotionally injured so Mentally drained so physically fatigued That you have allowed your dream your Destiny to take a back seat to this Excuse that you don't have what it takes That you're not smart enough that you're Not tall enough that you're not wide Enough that you're not deep enough that You're not connected enough that you Don't know enough people you keep Comparing yourself to that person and This person when will the excuses stop When will you see your purpose bigger Than your excuse When somebody is in love with who They've been called to become what They've been called to fulfill what They've been destined to do there is no Day off there are no light listen I'm Not a light switch you can't turn me off I can never get turned off every single

Day I'm giving everything I have that's How big my dream is and so there's no Excuse there's no pain there's no Dilemma there are no speed bumps there's No distraction that could turn me off I'm not a light switch you can't turn me Off I want this thing every single day If it's important to you You're gonna find a way You won't have to look for a resource You will become resourceful it's not Always about the accomplishment It's about the effort If we can just keep the effort going The excuse is irrelevant got to be Stronger than your excuses Excuses don't get results now we've got To go through the process of being Stronger than our excuses we get one Opportunity to come this way we get one Shot we got One Life to Live Life is too short To make excuses [Music]

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