Aris Kian – Keys (after Zora Howard’s “Waffles”)

Curated By Ralph

"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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Aris Kian, performing at WoWPS 2023 in Baltimore, MD.

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I don't like just anybody in my house I'm not too generous with my invitations I keep my space like I keep my business To myself I kept tidy by my own hands Nobody's Gonna Keep your house the way you like It don't know how this got there who Took what and when now I'm left Rearranging the furniture of my own mind See a man has a way of making me forget Myself so now I keep my house untouched And some may think my house a metaphor For my body and it is How its safety is always under attack Like I don't have a right to it I'm Still telling guests what not to put Their hands on in others may see my House a metaphor for my heart and it is Our blood is pumped directly to the Brain when vessels are damaged it can Lead to disease stroke short and Long-term memory loss what I mean is When the heart is mishandled you can Quite literally lose your mind my mom Says no one will care for your things More than you said sometimes all that's Between you and a broken heart are your Own ribs start protecting your peace Keep your right mind right side up Almost Gave my love to the wrong men and they Almost took it With both hands Saw themselves as the key to me thought

They could enter without asking There was a time when my heart body and Mind were Prime real estate for the most Regular of men one told me I did not did Not deserve what I had had me searching For my accolades made me misplace my own Backbone I had to move the bathroom just To fit all his audacity a man once Mid-sentence of a speech I gave him About the hurt he gave me fell asleep in My bed in his outside clothes [Music] [Applause] Cozy he felt in my home and making a Home out of me how quickly a man will Take up space and think it a fair Exchange fill your bookcase with Unsolicited opinions stuff your cabinets With doubt now I'm recounting the light Bulbs in my ceiling fan I swear there Were three But the room's a bit dimmer than it used To be uh almost I almost gave my love to the wrong men And they almost took it Both hands wouldn't know where to put it If they did I'm still remembering where I left Myself but trust me I'm all here Still In this house [Applause]

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