Andrea Gibson – Hurt the Fly

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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Andrea Gibson, performing in Longmont, CO.

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Your therapist asks what you're feeling And you say you're sick of talking about The symptoms There's an arrow through your sternum And you're being asked how it feels How you're planning to work with the Arrow there how you're planning to Breathe in a crowded room You don't want to talk anymore about Where to hide the blades in the house When the arrow gets you desperate for a Pain only you can control you just want The arrow out You want to grab the past and tear it From your body even if it takes your Organs with it there are lists for new Organs No lists for new pasts A few years ago a friend asked if you'd Ever had a childhood You said no But that wasn't right What you haven't had is an adulthood the Wound is still your mouth the tantrum Still your world nothing ever louder in Your head than the thought i'm way Too young for this How little you were when you started Wanting your mother to love you less so It wouldn't kill her to know you'd been Hurt You still can't stomach telling the Truth without some bungee in the noose Without saying the worst thing that ever

Happened to you was not the worst thing That ever happened to you Hating yourself for it was Your therapist says The shame is trying to take care of you Says you blame yourself so you can Believe the world is a safe place or Would be if only you had done things Differently It's kind of sweet actually What you've given to believe In the goodness of the world Your own good name Your own good light Your own wise and grown life All traded for a galaxy That wouldn't hurt A fly

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