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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

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Alex Tha Great, performing at WoWPS 2023 in Baltimore, MD.

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The first time I made final stage at Waps it was 2017. my baby at the time Was all of six weeks just barely learned How to really open her eyes I hadn't Even gotten the postpartum the baby Weight or the blood off of me and yet I Just couldn't quiet the storm in my Spirit saying it wasn't time to stop Slamming all folks say don't know Newborn need to be outside round all Them folks you know it's serious they Can catch a cold or something I say mama I need to be outside round these folks Because I need to catch something it's Something about being here with these Something about being here with these Wordsmiths that makes my spirit fall Into a connection to have the holiest of Fists but I digress cause there I go Again getting right off topic almost Losing side of my priorities I do that These days do you know I gave my newborn And strangers to hold so I can hold a Microphone but would never let them hold My notebook but the fact is my baby she Need me even when I don't feel needed I'll be a mama now and that's the job They won't stop calling me I'm finding It hard to balance the poems with the Parenting I see it at the open mic spots When folks look at me crazy for bringing My Offspring I feel like I'm feeding Myself this fantasy that I can be a part Of a community and have everybody

Support me what I'm trying to tell y'all Is that sometimes you just can't find The metaphor to describe feeling like a Shitty parent I'm the poem I never Wanted to write about love and sacrifice So I said that if I ever came back and Touched this stage I was going to get up Here and speak directly to me and give a Middle finger to everybody who ever Doubted me or said that I wasn't worthy Of standing here imma act like I know my Place is right here right now so I sit Here in the Stillness and I breathe But even now I try to quiet the voices To be showing my own choices I should be So happy but I feel so guilty for being Gone missing doctors appointments Parent-teacher conferences and two fairy Appearances I feel like I'm chasing my Dreams and I'm crushing hers at the same Time she's only six years old still Believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and believing in me I keep trying To tell how I'm trying to make a life For us but the fact is I'm just living For me living out my dreams that's what You do when you never thought about Being a mother right I feel like a Monster of a mother a maniac a magician Because every other night I take myself In poof go missing give myself to these Stages just hoping y'all listen when my Daughter at home just begging for my Attention and I know I know all about

The joys of motherhood but it's wearing Me how Because I also got a nine to five that's Stressing me out and I'm feeling like my Body just breaking me down but my Daughter should be the only thing Keeping my feet on Solid Ground I did All this for you Kayleen you bigger Than any metaphor or any simile [Applause]

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