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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

I've been dwelling on this thought for a Few months of what is Adventure and Should we try to pursue it in our life And my conclusion is that We can't And we shouldn't try to Find or pursue or create a venture in Our life And go back to what is a venture you Know Um I think people you know have dreams of Like okay what's Adventure you know Traveling somewhere or doing something Crazy or Um And At the end of the day I don't think we Can actually create eventer or we can't Really Create the fullest meaning of Adventure I think of my some of my favorite Stories so three illustrations are used And this is a Star Wars specifically A New Hope Um Lord of the Rings and the movie Up And really if you think about uh Lord of The Rings and Star Wars Star Wars here's Luke he kind of Longs for this adventure He Longs for something greater heel he's A young boy who's as he's growing up Working for his father as a moisture Farmer a boring life he he looks up in The stars and he he kind of longs to be

Something and he belongs to you know go Explore the universe And It's something that he can never create On his own and he feels like you know His uncle's holding back and all that And um Eventually he's forced to he's forced to Chase this uh Uh really What becomes the adventure but he he Doesn't know that it really he's going On adventure he's just going on Something that Compelled to Um by the princess And even like the Lord of the Rings here The same wise in Frodo they go in this Great adventure at first they're so Resistant to that and even through the Adventure Um They're going with Sam wise it goes Further than he's ever been before and They go and there's so so much Resistance and there's so much uh Struggle through through that that I Don't even think they They're they're comprehended in the Moment of the struggle the adventure They're going on So Adventure so semi points are Adventure cannot be true Avenger the Fullest Adventure cannot be created it

Has to come to you And we should live out our purpose Rather than live to Chase or create a Venture we we can create and live out ex Experiences and Um do fun things with people we love and Also like that's another part of it uh Truest Adventure needs other people Otherwise it's isolation of what Otherwise it's it's loneliness and Frustration and Um yeah there's some Adventures that That you can go on alone but there's Going to be an emptiness And inability to To live that adventure to the fullest Without other people on the journey So Adventure cannot be created Adventures should be experienced with Other people And We should pursue our purpose we should Live out our meaning we should live out Our calling in life over living for Adventure or even excitement and we Should learn to live with joy and peace In in our purpose and life And We should create experiences we should Uh help facilitate joy and facilitate Excitement for other people around us Even more than Uh chasing it ourselves And and then the the final part of the

Venture is when we when we're living out A purpose sometimes we will be called Into Adventure when we're pursuing our Our goals and our vision for our life That will sometimes suck us into Adventure and those Adventures might be You know the process of of Following our vision or it might be Something totally unexpected or it might Be something to help someone else and And we we don't even we can't even Anticipate what that those Adventures Are going to be in our life and we can't Create them and they're gonna come and When we go into the Venture we're going To learn how to we're going to learn to Even more Fully live out our purpose in Life We're gonna learn lessons by the end of The Venture we must return home and you Know I'm And at the end you know after Sam wise And Frodo complete their Adventure they Return home to the Shire after you know Luke uh finishes The Venture and a new Hope he returns to his new home with his His his his new family Um with his new community and um even up Um there's there's this longing for Adventure and the adventure is out there And they want to Chase I'm Carl and Ellie wanna Chase and Create that But they realize their full Fuller

Meaning is in each other as is in their Home and There's there's a lot of sadness in the Disappointed Uh disappointment of not being able to Live out their Venture they dreamed Right and and Carl and Ally and Ali dies Before he's they're able to go chase That great adventure that their dream That vacation that that traveling all Those things but The the meaning was found in each other And adventure Should always lead us home and sometimes That that at home or those people that We find ourselves calling home is going To be different than you know we imagine Or for for Carl and I'm up it's no Longer with his wife or even the house Or even the the the place that he once Loved but it's with Russell and is with This new people that he finds a way to Love and you know with Luke Skywalker is Not with his an uncle anymore who who Died but it's with his new friends and Adventure Should always lead us home to the people That we care about and it should leave Us changed so just a few different Thoughts I think I'm going to make a Movie about this Um I don't know the story yet but I would Love to hear your thoughts below

Should we try to create Adventure in our Life can we create Adventure our life Love to hear your thoughts in the Comments below and many more videos Coming this year I'm going to have a lot More poems in 2023 gonna have some films And stuff so Um yeah excited for the journey ahead

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