Started in 2022, Aldeburgh Poetry Festival aim to reach over 200,000 readers a day

We take pride in curating our content to be the best, most inspiring pieces of poetry. Our mission is to create a hub where people can find solace and motivation through reading and writing our carefully selected poems.

We strive to provide readers with a diverse array of poetic works that touch upon various topics such as love, friendship, nature, and many other human experiences. Our goal is to empower individuals through poetry, providing an avenue for self-discovery as well as expression of ideas, thoughts, and emotions.

We also take part in community outreach initiatives, organizing events with the aim of promoting literacy and encouraging creativity among children and adolescents in local communities. We are passionate about spreading the beauty of poetry, and are committed to our mission of providing a hub for motivation, inspiration, and empowerment.

We are here to bring out the poet in you. Let’s write our way to a better tomorrow.

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