A Heartfelt Poem for My Niece, Livia, at Age 8 – Sierra DeMulder’s Inspiring Performance #shorts

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Welcome to my blog, where I have the pleasure of sharing a heartfelt poem dedicated to my incredible niece, Livia, at the tender age of 8. This inspiring performance by Sierra DeMulder, captured in a captivating #shorts video, encapsulates the pure essence of love and admiration that I have for my beloved niece. Allow me to take you on a journey of emotion and celebration as we delve into the power of words and the beauty of familial connections.

A Heartfelt Poem for My Niece, Livia, at Age 8 – Sierra DeMulder’s Inspiring Performance #shorts


Button Poetry is an online platform that showcases diverse voices in the poetry community, encouraging and broadcasting performance poets to a wide audience. In this article, we will explore how Sierra DeMulder’s inspiring performance, titled “A Heartfelt Poem for My Niece, Livia, at Age 8,” captivates viewers and brings out deep emotions. The poem beautifully captures the essence of growth, change, and the power of words. Let’s delve into this extraordinary spoken word piece and understand its impact.

The Unfamiliar Dress of Growth:

Sierra DeMulder’s “A Heartfelt Poem for My Niece, Livia, at Age 8” starts by acknowledging the concerns Olivia’s parents have about her reading poetry. The opening lines vividly describe Olivia’s body growing and changing like an unfamiliar dress. Through this metaphor, Sierra DeMulder beautifully encapsulates the idea that growth can be both exciting and unsettling, just like trying on a new dress for the first time.

Uncovering Layers of Personality:

As the poem progresses, Sierra DeMulder expresses how each passing year uncovers a new layer of Olivia’s personality. The use of this metaphor emphasizes the ever-evolving nature of human beings and the countless possibilities that lie within us. It also serves as a reminder that growth is not limited to physical attributes but encompasses the development of one’s character.

A Bookish Vocabulary and Imagined Future:

Sierra DeMulder goes on to highlight Olivia’s bookish vocabulary, symbolizing her thirst for knowledge and her deep connection with literature. The poet paints a picture of Olivia growing up and reading all of the poetry, prose, and stories that the world has to offer. This portrayal of a young girl immersed in the world of words evokes a sense of immense potential and a bright future.

The Impact of Sierra DeMulder’s Performance:

Sierra DeMulder’s delivery of “A Heartfelt Poem for My Niece, Livia, at Age 8” adds another layer of emotion to the already powerful words. Her tone, gestures, and expressions bring the poem to life, allowing viewers to connect deeply with the heartfelt message. Sierra’s performance showcases her mastery of spoken word, captivating the audience and leaving a lasting impression.


In summary, Sierra DeMulder’s performance poem, “A Heartfelt Poem for My Niece, Livia, at Age 8,” is a deeply moving piece that celebrates growth, change, and the power of words. Through her artistry, Sierra captures the essence of Olivia’s journey, evoking emotions and inspiring viewers. This spoken word performance exemplifies Button Poetry’s mission of broadening poetry’s audience and cultural appreciation. It reminds us of the importance of embracing growth, cherishing our individuality, and cultivating the love of words within ourselves and others.


  1. Can I share Sierra DeMulder’s performance poem with my friends and family?

    • Absolutely! Sharing this beautiful spoken word piece with your loved ones can be a great way to spark meaningful conversations.
  2. How can I support Button Poetry and their endeavors?

    • You can support Button Poetry by engaging with their content, attending live performances, purchasing their publications, or even making a donation to help them continue their mission.
  3. Does Button Poetry feature other performance poets apart from Sierra DeMulder?

    • Yes, Button Poetry showcases a wide range of talented performance poets, each bringing their unique voice and perspective to the stage.
  4. Are there any other spoken word performances you would recommend?

    • Yes, Button Poetry has an extensive library of performances available on their website and YouTube channel. Exploring their collection will introduce you to a world of extraordinary spoken word artists.
  5. Can I use Button Poetry’s content for educational purposes?

    • Most certainly! Button Poetry’s captivating performances can be a valuable resource for educators looking to inspire their students and promote a love for poetry. Just ensure you comply with any copyright guidelines and give appropriate credit where due.

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