3 Things You Must Eliminate to Achieve Success: A Motivational Speech

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Welcome to our blog post, where we delve into the realm of achieving success and explore the essential factors that can propel us towards our goals. In this motivational speech, we will shed light on three crucial elements that must be eliminated from our lives in order to pave the way for the success we desire. By implementing these principles, we can overcome obstacles, shatter limitations, and unlock our true potential. So, let’s embark on this transformative journey together and discover the keys to unleashing our success. Buckle up, because we’re about to dive deep into the realm of personal growth and empowerment.


Success is something that we all strive for in life. It is a driving force that pushes us to work harder, learn more, and aspire for greatness. However, there are often certain barriers that prevent us from reaching our full potential. In this motivational speech, we will explore three crucial elements that need to be eliminated in order to achieve success: permanence, pervasiveness, and personalization.

The Three P’s: Permanent, Pervasive, Personal

When faced with challenges or setbacks, it is common to perceive them as permanent, pervasive, or personal. These three P’s can severely hinder our progress and prevent us from achieving our goals. Let’s delve into each of these elements and explore effective strategies for overcoming them.

Problem is Not Permanent, Everything Eventually Changes

The first P stands for “permanent.” Many individuals tend to view their problems as permanent obstacles. However, it is crucial to remember that nothing in life is truly permanent. Every problem has a solution, and every situation has the potential to change. By shifting our mindset from one of permanence to one of growth and adaptability, we can conquer any challenge that comes our way.

Don’t Let a Setback Define Your Entire Life

The second P refers to pervasiveness. It is easy to allow a setback or failure to define our entire life. We may start believing that a single setback is indicative of our overall worth or capability. However, it is essential to separate specific issues from our overall well-being. Instead of internalizing a setback, we should view it as a learning experience and an opportunity for growth. Remember, setbacks are not a reflection of who we are as individuals.

Break Through the Belief that Everything Is Personal

The third and final P relates to personalization. It is natural to take things personally and feel like the world is against us when faced with challenges or criticism. However, it is crucial to recognize that not everything is personal. People have their own motivations and circumstances that lead them to act in certain ways. By understanding this, we can break free from the belief that everything is a direct attack on us. It allows us to gain a broader perspective and not let insecurities hold us back.

Overcome Self-Doubt and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Now that we have identified the three P’s, it is time to discuss how to overcome them. Self-doubt and self-fulfilling prophecies often go hand in hand with the three P’s, preventing us from achieving success. Here are some strategies to tackle these obstacles head-on:

  1. Challenge negative thoughts: Recognize when negative thoughts arise and actively challenge them. Replace them with positive affirmations and focus on your strengths.

  2. Surround yourself with positivity: Surround yourself with supportive and encouraging individuals who inspire you to believe in yourself and your abilities.

  3. Set achievable goals: Break down your larger goals into smaller, achievable milestones. Celebrate each success along the way, boosting your confidence and motivation.

  4. Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success: Failure is not an endpoint but rather a stepping stone towards success. Learn from your mistakes, adapt, and keep pushing forward.

  5. Practice self-care: Take care of your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Engage in activities that bring you joy, reduce stress, and boost your confidence.


To achieve success, it is imperative to eliminate the three P’s: permanence, pervasiveness, and personalization. By changing our perspective and overcoming self-doubt, we can break free from these barriers and unlock our full potential. Remember, success is not a destination but a journey. Embrace setbacks as opportunities for growth and keep striving for greatness.


  1. How do I overcome the belief that setbacks are permanent?

    • Challenge the notion of permanence and remind yourself that everything is subject to change. Seek solutions, learn from past experiences, and believe in your ability to overcome challenges.
  2. How can I stop taking setbacks personally?

    • Focus on the external factors that might have influenced the situation rather than internalizing it. Recognize that people have their own motivations and circumstances that drive their actions.
  3. How do I deal with self-doubt when pursuing success?

    • Challenge negative thoughts, surround yourself with supportive individuals, set achievable goals, and practice self-care. Embrace failure as a learning opportunity and keep pushing forward.
  4. Can setbacks define my overall worth or capability?

    • No, setbacks are not indicative of your overall worth or capability. They are simply obstacles along your journey to success. Learn from them and continue to grow.
  5. How do I stay motivated during challenging times?

    • Remind yourself of your goals and why you started in the first place. Surround yourself with positivity, practice gratitude, and celebrate small victories along the way to stay motivated.

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