19 Rules For Life (How to Think like Da Vinci)

Curated By Ralph

"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Leonardo Da Vinci has always fascinated me because of the sheer amount of things he seemed to be able to master. He was truly a jack of all trades. I believe part of his greatness was that each new skill he learned added value to another. His mastery of maths and geometry meant that his drawings were perfectly proportioned. Likewise his fascination with biology meant he was able to capture details of the human body none else could.

I created the script for this video after reading ”How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci” by Michael Gleb. The book gives insight into the mindset of Da Vinci by drawing from his diaries, works and analysis from historians. I then used what I learned to create 19 rules for life that I believe embody the principles the maestro would of followed.

Da Vinci’s fascination towards life led to his greatness. It pushed him forward in so many areas. If we can cultivate this within ourselves then we too might be able to achieve mastery.


****These ”rules for life” have been created through our own research of Leonardo Da Vinci and have been written exclusively by us.

Voice-over by Jeremiah Putman
Music Licenced through Artlist

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Rekindle the childlike wonder you once Had towards life an insatiable curiosity Has driven me to go further than the Normal person My thirst for truth has led me deep into My work [Music] Finely tune your senses Take in the full richness of life by Being present to that which is before You These vivid experiences will give you a Wealth of material to draw from A solution comes to us not when we are Focused on finding the right answer but When we ask the right question [Music] Regard a subject from multiple Perspectives Each new angle brings you closer to the Truth [Music] Work not for financial gain Status or approval Work for truth and beauty itself Pay homage to the magnificence of Creation [Music] Do not cling to certainty Frequently step into the unknown for the Greatest art calls to that which we Cannot explain [Music] Though i have been exiled chastised and

Slandered for my failures mistakes have Led me to my greatest discoveries They were worth the pain of disgrace [Music] Work with intensity but every so often Come to rest Our best ideas have an opportunity To reveal themselves when we are relaxed And in solitude Retreat into nature you’ll be Hard-pressed to find more wonderful and Intricate designs Our experiences are precious The insights gained from them are far More valuable than that learned through The accounts of others their teachings Will remain with you and you can be sure Of their validity Do not allow knowledge to wither away in Your mind apply it to the real world Always be engaging the mind in fruitful Pursuits the more you expose it to the More finely tuned it will become A sharp mind is one that has been pushed To its limits Fear leads humans to cling to ideas and Condemn anyone who challenges them This is to the detriment of progress Have the courage to step outside the Bounds and question the dominating Theories Maintain a synergy of chaos and order Have your life be supported by routine Organization and structure in the same

Vein allow spontaneity risk and Playfulness to have a role One cannot thrive without striking a Balance Elevate the quality of what you are Consuming your environment will shape You See how things work in systems a small Change in one area can make a big Difference to another Appreciate the interconnectedness of all Things [Music] New inventions often come from making Connections between things that already Exist Do not neglect your physical body in Developing strength grace and dexterity You’ll become a better conduit for Manifesting your creativity [Music] [Music] You

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