15 Rules For Life – Viking Code of Conduct

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"The Road Not Taken" is a source of inspiration for me, because it encourages me to seize opportunities and chart my own course in life.

Viking Poster:

These rules for life have been written by us and were derived from the Hávamál (Words of The High One,) an Icelandic poem from the Viking age. Within this ancient text lies wisdom that is said to be from Odin himself, teaching valuable life lessons and magical spells to the people of the time.

By combining stock footage of Nordic countries, Viking themed music and stellar voice acting we aimed to create a video that captures the ancient Norse spirit, bringing us back to more grounded principles that are so easily lost in the modern world.

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The Norseman offers his home to the Warner traveler a roaring fire to warm Their hands hail to quench their thirst Food to fill their belly Welcome your guests with open arms and Treat them generously Wait until you see a man challenged Before you make judgment on his Character Vice without moderation Can be the heaviest burden to carry You cannot rise while bearing its Crushing weight The wolf abandoned by its pack seldom Endures in the Frozen wilderness So too the man who stands alone will not Go far [Music] Gather your firewood in the summer so You may have comfort in the winter The coward avoids risk in his youth Only to be stung by the blade of old age [Music] You cannot foresee what lies and wait For you on your journey ahead Time to prepare it is better to stay Home than to leave when you are not Ready Common Sense can take you further than You imagined The Traveler gains wisdom as each Resting Point gives insight into a Different way of life A new way of seeing the world

[Music] Hold Your Secrets close For once they reach three people They will become common knowledge Trust the voice within which beckons you Forward while people can mean well their Advice will often Lead You astray Nothing builds a good reputation like a Job well done Do not tempt the gods with your boasting The wise man knows that a storm can Appear without warning [Music] Ones who will refuse to look in the Mirror [Music] There’s such a thing as being too clever A simple life is often a more joyous one [Music]

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