10 Actions Men Took After Listening to the Powerful Rape Poem by Liv McKee

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Witnessing the captivating power of Liv McKee’s intense rape poem, men are spurred into action, challenging societal norms and addressing issues of violence against women head-on. In this thought-provoking blog post, we delve into the transformative impact of McKee’s words, exploring the ten profound actions that men have taken after being profoundly moved by her poignant and affecting verses. Embarking on a journey of reflection and accountability, these men have moved beyond mere spectators to become active agents, committed to fostering a safer, more empathetic world for women. Join us as we explore the incredible legacy of Liv McKee’s rape poem and the extraordinary transformations it has sparked in men from all walks of life.


In recent years, the world of performance poetry has gained significant attention and recognition. One particular performance that left a profound impact on the audience was Liv McKee’s powerful rendition at the Women of the World Poetry Slam (WoWPS) 2020 in Dallas, TX. Liv McKee’s mesmerizing delivery and thought-provoking content sparked a wave of emotions among the listeners, pushing them to reflect on societal norms, survivorhood, and the urgent need for action. This article explores the ten transformative actions men took after hearing Liv McKee’s moving rape poem, delving into the significance of showcasing diverse voices, addressing trauma, and empowering survivors.

1. Understanding the Mission: Button Poetry

Button Poetry, an organization devoted to promoting spoken word and performance poetry, has established itself as a platform that amplifies marginalized voices. Their mission is to challenge societal norms and expand the reach of poetry. Liv McKee’s performance at WoWPS 2020 perfectly aligns with this mission, as it not only addresses the taboo topic of rape but also gives a voice to assault survivors.

2. Reflecting on Diverse Voices

Liv McKee’s performance highlighted how essential it is to showcase diverse voices in poetry. By sharing personal stories of violation and trauma, Liv invited the audience to empathize with survivors and gain a deeper understanding of their experiences. This approach challenges prevailing stereotypes and fosters inclusivity, ensuring that survivors from all walks of life feel heard and validated.

3. Igniting Empowerment Through Poetry

One of the most powerful aspects of Liv McKee’s rape poem was the way it empowered survivors. By standing up and sharing her own story, Liv exemplified the strength survivors possess and emphasized the importance of safe spaces that prioritize their healing. Men who listened to her poem were deeply moved by this empowerment, prompting them to re-evaluate their own roles in supporting survivors.

4. Uprising Against Societal Norms

Liv McKee’s performance acted as a catalyst for men to challenge societal norms. Through her evocative words, she encouraged the audience to question the attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate rape culture. Men who internalized this message realized the vital role they play in dismantling harmful narratives and shaping a culture of consent and understanding.

5. The Call to Action

Listening to Liv McKee’s powerful poem awakened a sense of responsibility within men. Her performance urged them to pay attention to the issues surrounding rape and actively participate in creating change. Inspired by Liv’s conviction, men committed themselves to becoming allies, advocates, and active supporters of survivors.

6. Providing Support and Understanding

Liv McKee’s brave performance reminded men of the importance of support and understanding for survivors. Her words compelled listeners to put themselves in survivors’ shoes, prompting them to offer compassion, empathy, and resources to those who have experienced trauma. Men began to recognize the significance of creating safe spaces for survivors to share their stories and heal.

7. Respecting Performers and Their Experiences

Through her raw and emotional performance, Liv McKee commanded respect from the audience. Men in the crowd acknowledged the bravery it takes to share such deeply personal experiences on stage. This newfound respect not only applied to Liv but to all poets who tackle the challenging subject matter. Men left the performance with a heightened appreciation for the courage and vulnerability exhibited by performers.


Liv McKee’s rape poem at WoWPS 2020 showcased the transformative power of performance poetry. Her eloquent delivery, coupled with the emotionally charged content, compelled men to take action, challenge societal norms, and support survivors. By amplifying diverse voices, addressing taboo topics, and fostering empathy, Liv McKee empowered her audience to reflect on their own roles in combating rape culture. The legacy of her performance will continue to resonate, inspiring men to advocate for change and stand in solidarity with survivors.


  1. Q: How did Liv McKee’s performance impact the audience at WoWPS 2020?
    A: Liv McKee’s performance left a profound impact on the audience, stirring up emotions and sparking a desire for change.

  2. Q: What was the mission behind Button Poetry’s involvement in WoWPS 2020?
    A: Button Poetry aimed to promote spoken word and performance poetry, challenging societal norms and expanding poetry’s reach.

  3. Q: Why is it important to showcase diverse voices in performance poetry?
    A: Showcasing diverse voices ensures inclusivity and allows survivors from all backgrounds to feel heard and validated.

  4. Q: How did Liv McKee empower survivors through her performance?
    A: Liv’s performance exemplified the strength of survivors and emphasized the importance of safe spaces for healing.

  5. Q: What actions did men take after listening to Liv McKee’s rape poem?
    A: Men took actions such as challenging societal norms, becoming allies, and supporting survivors in various ways.

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